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My first order is taking forever!

hello, guys how long did you wait till your first order ?

here is my first gig … waiting for my first order :slight_smile:


Hello Anwar, same here, Its already about 3 months since I publish my first gig (now I have 3 gigs) and till now I haven’t got first order. But I think there’s some way to get your first order… you can join facebook group about translating or something, share your gig in all your social media, and also improve your gigs description and title to make it more attractive or something. Hopefully you will get more success in 2020. Goodluck dude!

I looked at your gigs and for someone who is offering translations,
I spotted several mistakes in your gig description.
Did you double check and proofread your description?
Seeing mistakes in the description is enough for many buyers to avoid you,
and offering 1000 words for $5 is way too cheap, and that’s another thing that can
make buyers not want to buy your gig. At least I can tell you for sure that if I was looking
for a translator, I will not be choosing you.
Affordable prices are totally fine, but going too low can be risky.


What’s with that additional ‘subtitling services on videos’?
Non sequitur. Google it.

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I would suggest adding a short video message and explaining your service.

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I agree, and i thin that literature types of gigs defiantly need a video description. Because accent is also counted and the buyer always wants to see his writer’s personality.

Your profile description doesn’t change from gig to gig, so be sure it’s relevant to all of them, or general enough that it doesn’t seem like your advertising.
There are a few English errors in both gigs (package description: capitalize first words), and I think the gig descriptions both need to be expanded a bit, but otherwise the new gig looks pretty good.