My first order on fiverr


Feeling sad my first buyer not revision after getting work ?


I’m not clear what are you talking about.
Do you want to give revision to your buyer ??
Or Buyer didn’t review after you deliver the order ??
If buyer didn’t mark your order complete wait for review maybe he/she is busy.


Buyer didn’t review after deliver the order ??


on time delivery and positive rating n/a now on my account :frowning:


If the buyer mark your order complete. And didn’t put the review. Don’t worry about review.
Just keep your patience and hard working.
I hope next buyer will give you good review for your good work.
Good luck.


hmm Thanks for helping and supporting me God bless u :slight_smile:


Congratulations on getting your first order. You are on your way. Take on board what @mmh4560 has advised. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


i am well treat our first buyer but i did not know why he not give review ???so my first experience very disappointing


Only about 70% of orders are reviewed by buyers. Please don’t worry about it.

Do you review every item you buy on Amazon, Ebay etc? I know I don’t! :wink:


Hi! I sell handmades and artwork at other places online. A major complaint that us sellers have is that there are many more sales than the feedback shows. Some buyers simply don’t ever leave feedback, though they are happy with their purchase. Sometimes they feel that they just don’t have time. While we wish they all would leave feedback, we can’t make them do this.

So, keep selling and be happy. I know it’s especially hard when you get that first sale and no feedback is left. Don’t think the buyer is unhappy. Assume that they are! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Keep going man this is just started your journey!