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My first order please provide constructive critisism

Hello everyone
I am a new seller and love photoshop
I am excited to get my first order.I am trying to do my best and wish me luck
I am open for any constructive critisism and feel free
Here is the link to my gig
Business card

Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best wishes… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much sldesign947
I am curios I just wanted to ask how many days did it take for you to get the first order?
how did you feel?
Its my 15 day here

Your gigs do have some signs of interest, on gig has 4 likes and the other 2 which means people are clicking and liking your gigs, so maybe give it some time!

thank you so much jackie moneygig you really made my day
I am curios how many days or months did it take for you to get your order
If you feel there something i must change you can inform me
I want to thank you for your time and can you please send me link to your gig i would love to check it out!

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Anyone can please tell me something to improve

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Hey again,

No worries, one thing you can improve on is the spelling mistakes in your gig description. One example is you wrote “shot” instead of "short. Little things like that. Apart from that, your pretty much set.


thanks a lot jackie
I thank you for spending your time for me

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Anytime, have a good day!

Will you be able to provide a fully vector file for a logo like “Queen” if a buyer requests it?

If yes, are you sure that $5 would be an appropriate for the quality work like that?

Hello lenasemenkova,
Yes, I will be able to do the logo and provide it in fully vector file format mostly eps format
As I tend to use Photoshop more often
I think for starters $5 would be a fairly decent amount

But the golden skull part is not a vector. It’s a photo/raster image. Which, I suspect, you didn’t make.

It appears that you’re selling geometric frames/shapes as logos. But it may not be obvious to the buyer. You may end up getting orders with people trying to buy both the geometric frame and the golden photorealistic design within it.

The title image is cool but it’s misleading.

I made the final logo using photoshop
The golden skull is something i found online from the below link

and I put everything together
It would very hard to make the same skull out of photoshop
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

You can’t advertise your services by stealing someone else’s work you “found online”. It’s against fiverr’s ToS and I highly doubt that you have the author’s permission to use the skull for your fiverr gig.

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I am really sorry I will try to make changes ASAP and try to do the skull myself thank you for the feedback

best of luck for you journey @anvith_619

Why would you try and make a skull if you’re not selling skulls if you’re selling minimalist geometric frames?

If you could make a skull like this, you wouldn’t be selling your services for $5. That was my initial point.

I WILL take action and make it more like a logo than shapes
I am extremely sorry,
I am not selling skulls
This was my intail concept but i tuaght i will do something modern with shapes so I made the skull
Except the skull logo I am not copying anything I did it with a lot of hardwork
I hope you understand I Will remove the skull logo
and agian I am sorry for your concern

I finally finished

Took me 4 hours
What do you think