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My first purchase


I had my first purchase yesterday completed. It is an awesome feeling. The wait was long as I have been a member from last year but I am still happy for my first none the less.


The first purchase + an amazing experience = A WINNER!
Happy to know you had a GREAT experience. :relaxed:


Lovely to hear from a happy buyer! :slight_smile:


I am the seller! I was engaged in writing. I was waiting for such a long time, when I got the notification of the purchase I was overjoyed.


that’s nice to hear from you. Fiverr is really a great place :wink:


It sure can be a great place to be.


Hey there, I wish you the best of luck and many more sales :wink:

You’re definitely an incredible writer as I can tell.

Keep up the great work, answer to buyer requests and stay positive :wink:

:bulb: Joe


Thank you so much Joe!


Your first sale is always very exciting. Congratulations and best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thats Great Keep the Great Work.