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My First Ranting Pot Thread for Special Sellers


Dear Sellers,

Please do not private message via 5r forum requesting to buy, check out your gig and especially a link to an offsite location.

  1. If you need help with gig, you are better off posting in Improve My Gig category.

  2. I will not buy because 9 out of 10, I do not need what you are selling at the moment.

  3. If you are sending me offsite link, all I can say is “Oh, my goodness!” :confused:

If you are level 2 doing this, please stop!

I don’t appreciate getting spammed. It’s getting tiresome. I have not flagged anyone yet, but I may start.

I enjoy being active on this forum and helping buyers/sellers when I can. :sparkling_heart::tulip:



You forgot to add ‘You know who you are ~telling-off-finger-waggle~’ :slight_smile:


You better do.
I do it…
And I don’t even buy so much here…


I´ve had a few people private messaged me first for a little chat. Since they greeted me politely, I replied to their messages. One of them like to withdraw their messages in the forum. And turns out that person also withdrawn their private messages with me that makes me look like I have been talking to myself in the inbox. :confused:

I am all friendly, but please don´t do that again. If you (you know who you are :slight_smile: ) always regret everything that you say (and just so you know, it´s not like you were saying impolite or innapropriate things to me in the inbox, thus I don´t understand) try to think about it a few times before you post anything. :slight_smile: (edited: Why did you bother to write to me if you were going to delete all your messages?)


Just a few hours after I posted this, someone inboxes me to buy his gig. :grin:


@gina_riley2 The irony :joy: