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My first real issue with the blind review system!

I’ve been vocal about my scepticism about the blind review system but up until now, all my reviews in the past few days have been from repeat buyers so I knew roughly what they were going to say and left replies accordingly :smile:

Until today, when I received my first review form a new buyer since the change. The very first one and I already feel like shit :frowning:

It wasn’t a difficult buyer, but the whole order felt a bit odd, I wasn’t sure where I had him, if he was happy or not or if he felt he had a “meh” experince. The lack of replies from him gave me a vibe that he might not be entirely satisfied. But I had delivered and was confident my work was good, so I was hoping for the best.

Then the review part came, which is usually a great feeling when you get that 5 star review, especially for an order like this when I wasn’t entirely sure about the buyer. A great energy boost that sets the mood for the rest of the day and makes me feel productive and motivated when working on other orders.

Except I couldn’t see if it was a good review or not. If I had to bet money on it I would have thought so because I was confident my work was good, but I didn’t know for sure. So I left a short generic reply, unable to give any personal thanks or responses.

And of course, he had left a glowing 5 star review! I instantly felt I had to message him and apologize for not being able to give a more personal reply. I thanked him in a private message instead, but even so all other buyers will now see a short and plain reply to a review that is much greater than the reply it received. I’m embarrassed about this :frowning:

I could of course have raved in my reply about how great the buyer was, but then that would be lying and on top of that the review I got could have been a worse one.

I’ll say it again: please Fiverr, no hard feelings if you backtrack. You had an idea, you tried it, it didn’t work. Please change it back :frowning:


Now it feels like we have a middleman just to say thank you to both parties. VERY STUPID.

Will Fiverr charge for a small fee for revealing our review for the next phase? Hopefully not.