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My first really bad experience on Fiver

I use Fiver a lot as a buyer and for the most part, all experiences have been really good But today I had a really bad one on a gig I really needed and the seller denies what I asked for in the first place even though the transcripts are right there in the inbox and notifications. Does Fiver look at all that? and do they hold the escrow until then? As I said before I have only had good experiences so this is new to me Thanks for listening to my rant and any insight would be most welcome

You can ask the seller for a refund.

And if he is not offering it, then you can go to customer support and they will help you, they will cancel the gig for you and you’ll get your $$ back.

Thank You Donnovan86 I really appreciate you response

Sellers don’t refund - at least not legally and within Fiverr’s TOS. Sellers can only accept to cancel after their buyer(s) request(s) for a cancellation.

The only one meant to refund orders is customer support.


Thank you maitasun I did not accept the order and opened a dispute but the seller declined it as long as customer support looks at the transcripts they will see what has happened

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Hi @blwheeler, you’re most welcome!

Have you got in touch with support? If not, try once again to make your seller accept to cancel the order, making it clear that if they continue to refuse the cancellation you’ll get in touch with support.

Here’s the link to place a ticket with CS, in case you need to: Fiverr Customer Support

Just explain them what’s going on with your seller and the order, and that you would like them to please cancel it and refund you.