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My first received order!

My first order was a fun surprise. There was a Chinese British guy and he gave me to order without saying anything, but I did not understand by any language that SEO was not done with 5 USD, within 1 day. I am in trouble. Finally, the buyer wants to refund his money, I also cancellation order to return his money. But who knows my repression will be bad? After that, I open the new account again. And in the mind of you remember that you ruined one of my accounts. lol.
Note: Do not keep an order without understanding, and the gig will write on the desktop, “Please message before order”

Does that mean that you have had more than one account? :confused:


All you need to do is cancel the order. You do not get paid until the order is completed, it sounds like you did not complete the job. If so, I would not worry, if you cancelled, sultaninsmm. If you cancel the order this will not affect your rating at all! Relax. Gary

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This is a normal scenerio. And you shouldn’t have more than one account at a time

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Not that, because of my first order cancellation I do not use that account.
We are using this one by opening another account.