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My first review on fiverr was 2.3 stars

I recently started fiverr and put up a few gigs. I got messages from someone and sent them a custom order that I would build their entire roblox game within 48 hours for only 5 dollars. I did great quality and the whole time they were monitoring it and kept saying it looked great. I asked a few of my friends and family how they thought it looked and everyone agreed that something of that quality in that amount of time should cost 50 - 100 dollars. I finished the order 6 hours early and delivered it. After a week of no response I finally got a notification that the buyer had rated my gig. Fiverr asked me to rate them first so I gave them 5 stars saying that they were really cooperative and nice to work with. I then saw their review of me and it was 2.3 stars and they accused me of using free models and “scamming” them. Since this was my first order and review ever it has made a really bad impact on my profile. Does anyone know of a way I could get my rating up so that not everyone looking at my gigs will think its bad? Please help.


So sorry to hear that. Don’t loose hope, be positive. I’m also new here, hope someone more experienced will share their valuable opinion regarding this issue.


Ok thanks bro :slightly_smiling_face:


Stay positive, send buyer requests.

And as someone that has been around for 7 years on the platform, I recommend you to always avoid people asking for a lot of work at a very low price. Usually you will end up with problems, so might as well avoid that to begin with. Sure, it sounds great since you get paid, but it’s one of the primary reasons behind some of my negative reviews too. Sometimes people try to underpay and manipulate the system, so if you see anyone asking a lot more than what you get paid for, just step away from that.


Ok, Thanks for the advice!

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I am also agree with donnovan. Stay posive. And keep patience. Everything will be fine and good to go.


Is there a way to send an offer without a buyer contacting you first?


There’s no option unfortunately, unless you send buyer requests.

If you contact people directly and try to manipulate the system, you will get banned.


Sorry If I sound like a noob, but how do you send a buyer request?


Yes this is really important question to know how to give a good and clean buyer request.


I just dont know how to send one in the first place :laughing:


Actually those kinds of people really cheap minded who offers only $5 instead of the work of $100. Avoid those who unable to evaluate your work.
Firstly they have Devaluated you by $5. They will underestimate Fiverr sellers and will go for another person same for $5 instead of the work of $500
My personal opinion is, actually you have underestimated yourself by agreeing with $5. You have given them this opportunity to devaluate you. Don’t do that.

In this continuum again they have devaluated your work by bad rating.
So always try to do the work at the right price.
Stay positive !. You will achieve great rating for your next works.


Thanks! I did change the gig to have three categories as follows…

Basic - Only a few buildings and stuff for $5

Advanced - Detailed Buildings and interriors for $10

Premium - Entire Basic Map for $20

This way it can stay cheap but I wont be doing free work.

thanks for your advice

Thank you guys all for giving advice! I really appreciate it. I’m gonna go finish up some homework now and head to bed. Have a great day/night! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I try not to repeat good advice that’s already been given in a thread, but on this occasion I do want to reinforce how right @donnovan86 is.

Many seller complaints that we see in the forum involve $5 gigs that have taken a lot of time and skill, and which have ended up going bad. There is something about this price point that attracts scammers or just bad buyers. The other point worth bearing in mind is that $5 is actually $4 after commission. And what does $4 buy you in most developed countries? The answer is very little. The prospect of working with a bad buyer and earning just $4 for a lot of time, work and stress doesn’t do it for me!

Learning point 1. Price your gig fairly. Your time and skills are worth money. Set yourself an hourly rate - $15 for example. If you reckon the job will take 4.5 hours, then round it up to 5 hours to allow for any unforeseen problems. 5 hours x 15 dollars = $75.

Learning point 2. In order to minimise the risk of working with scammers / bad buyers, don’t do $5 jobs. I’m probably going to receive responses saying that $5 is a lot of money in my country, etc. Well, it isn’t in my country. It buys a takeout coffee. That’s it.

Learning point 3. You can respond publicly to all buyer reviews. I would advise that you do so, but think carefully about what you write to present yourself in the best way. Don’t get all defensive and accuse them of doing bad things - that’s the worst thing you can do. Instead, you could write “Your version of events is very different to mine. You have received a 5 star service and it is a shame that you have chosen not to recognise that”.


palmtreeninja2 Buyer requests will be available for you after you will be 1 level seller- so you have to finish 10 jobs, earn a certain amount of money and keep the rating over 4,8 if I remember well. I am not sure if you can do anything about the rating you already got, but for the future- I agree with others- avoid low price work! The buyer won’t respect you if you won’t respect yourself. You can (and should) lower the price slightly at the beginning, but don’t do it almost for free. So if you think that your work is worth 100$- charge 60 or 70 for first 3 times. It worked for me.


Dont work for 5$.
Typically the quality of the Buyer is very low when they request impossible amounts of work for almost nothing.

Additionally the Fiverr system is a little bit broken.
When I actually work on Fiverr my stats fill up and i may (or not) go to level 1 or 2 (depends obviously on my stats). But if you dont work at all, after one cycle of evaluations you are guaranteed to become level 1 as all your stats are 100% even though you did not deliver 1 gig. This allows you to at least look at the Buyer request section for once evaluation cycle.


Dear! I know that getting a negative review is really very disappointing. But now, the review cannot be changes. I suggest you to make a complete 7 gigs (if you have created just one). Because of negative review, you cannot send buyer’s request. You should take the orders directly from your gigs, therefore improve SEO of your gigs.

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It’s a fake review, if it’s just your first order, remove and recreate the gig then review won’t be displayed

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If you delete a gig the review still remains on your profile, and the overall rating will stay the same.