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My first review on fiverr was 2.3 stars

He can still answer to review in justifying he got difamed but for first order it’s true that it’s not crazy to have a low review as first impression :confused:

Ooof. Just read your seller response to the negative review you received. That’s a big no on how to respond and may very well get you a warning from Fiverr. Dropping cuss words and insulting the reviewer is simply not allowed and goes against TOS.


Pity you didn’t write the type of response as suggested by @english_voice!


thanks for the help! I was able to get rid of his comment and mine when I remade the gig. Unfortunately its still on my profile but I guess that is ok.

Wow! That really bites. I’ve been working on Fiverr for about 4 years and have 500+ 5-Star reviews. I did as you did in the beginning…I took EVERY job I could at $5. Eventually I started noticing that some buyers were taking advantage of that so when I could, I bumped my prices up.

That worked for a while. I eventually had to get very specific in my gig details stating what IS NOT INCLUDED in the gig.

That worked for a while until I figured out that some buyers do not read all the details. So I raised my rates…again.

Eventually I weeded out the buyers who would otherwise have taken advantage of my cool offer.

You may end up having to do that once you get to Level Two or sooner.

Good luck and NEVER give up!


I’m wondering if maybe I should just make a new account and start over? I only have 2 gigs on this account and that was my only order. I could easily remake the gigs on a new profile. Should I do this?

Suggest you carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you break them.

You already broke TOS by cussing out and insulting a buyer and now you want to potentially break TOS again.

I did not know that you couldn’t make another account. It does say you can only have one active account. If i made a new account I wouldn’t be using my old one anymore so would that still be against the rules?

I’m very sorry, I want to let everyone know that I had no idea these things were againts the terms of service and I won’t ever do that again. All of these replies telling me I broke TOS have made me really stressed and I feel really bad now. I just wanted to get this weight off my chest. I didn’t mean to appear as someone bad who breaks the rules. I just wanted some advice. I’m very sorry and is there any way I could disable this account so I can make a new one and start over with a better reputation?


Deleting an account for the sole purpose of trying to wipe away a single negative review on that account is a major overreaction. Reviews are permanent on your profile but your score can be rectified by having a few customers happy with your work. Having several customers giving you 5 stars would make that 2.3 star review seem like an outlier to a fair-minded buyer.

Warnings, on the other hand, never go away, and if you rack a few up, or do a single thing severely egregious to the TOS, you can find your account suspended or terminated. If that happens and you are found trying to be active on Fiverr on another account, it will be terminated as well. Did you receive a warning for your review response or was it not detected?


Hopefully you’ll get more orders, but so far that is the only review you have.
Negative reviews don’t hurt that much if you are getting constant orders with good review, but in your case it might be a bit tough.
Since I am not a gamer I don’t know anything about this “Roblox” thing, but I’m assuming the gaming community is pretty big. Maybe you can let your gaming buddies know about your gig and hopefully one of them will place orders to help your rating.

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Ok thanks for the tips.

How many good ratings will it take to get my rating above a 4.5 now so I can do buyer requests?

Roblox studio is a game engine for building and scripting games for others to play.

Thanks for your advice

The review stays, what is removed is the seller’s response to the review.

Now that @palmtreeninja2 removed the gig, his prospective buyers’ cannot see his explanation to justify why he got defamed.

Then he is in a compromising situation :x

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That’s actually a positive in this case. Calling the buyer a “little s***” and saying they should “get a f****** life” are not the best seller response to leave behind.

I read that. My comment was more to help him to reconsider the error of his reply when it was a golden opportunity to justify or explain what happened from his side. :roll_eyes: