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My first review was negative

I ended up not being able to submit a video for one of my clients because the file size was too large. The client decided to cancel the order and submit a bad review. Is there any way at all to bounce back from this?

Also, this is my first time selling on Fiverr.

Offer him something extra and told him not to give you a bad review.If it doesn’t work ,you can back the refund

And tell him to remove the feedback

You may request him/her to with drown it or you may proposal him/her to do extra work. negative review is very bad for any account. :bz

For future gigs: You can send a download link for e.g. Dropbox.
Usually Buyers are understanding if you say "Just a sec, File is too big for Fiverr. I will provide a download link"
I cannot see the Gig you are referring to with the bad comment, but the 1-star rating shows on your profile.
Put the Gig back up and rate the buyer yourself with explanation like “file too big for Fiverr delivery, customer cancelled before I could provide via other means”.
Make sure your comment is not insulting for the customer and that all you write is the truth.
As a buyer, I’d rather see that you could not deliver for a reason rather than seeing just the bad rating and wondering what happened.

When you’re late and the buyer cancels, the negative rating is given automatically by Fiverr, not by the buyer, and it can’t be removed. I believe that neither can you write a response to it.

his client never got the product, because he cancelled the order. Without delivery the buyer isn’t given a chance to rate.
I agree with you that the best bet is to put the gig back up. At least, potencial buyers will see that the 20% comes from a late delivery, and not a bad product.

Reply to @belengarcia: That’s the question. As we cannot read the review right now, we can only assume what happened.
I am looking forward to reading fromasloth’s answer.