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My first sale and I got 3 stars. What should I do?

Hello fellow sellers,

I recently got my first sale on fiverr. The gig that I offer is about “creating any digital illustration”. So this customer messaged me and explained about his idea. It was a simple illustration and I offered him my gig package ($15). When I finished the order (on time) with few minor revisions, he marked it as completed order. He didn’t complain about the final result. Then I got to the “give review to buyer” step, and gave him 5 stars with no hesitation hoping that he also gave me a good review. But all I got was 3 stars with his comment saying “I am satisfied”. Since it’s my first sale, I know exactly how this will affects my overall rating. So I messaged him, say thanks and somehow tried to explain why us as fiverr sellers need a good review from satisfied customer. But He didn’t reply at all. Guess he just doesn’t know how this rating system works and how much time and efforts I put on creating the illustration. What should I do now? I think this is gonna be very bad for me.

To be honest, I can feel your pain but there is nothing you can do except working hard (Doing buyer request now this is your best chance) and get some good ratings and minimizing the effect of this rating.
Good luck with that !


Thank you for your advice and support. :smile:
Guess I have to work even harder from now on.