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My first sale, completed order, review and happy client


Being new to Fiverr, I’ve been on the fence about how realistic it is to believe that I might find success here… there are so many established artists and freelancers of all types here, and probably even more individuals who are willing to consistently work like a dog for peanuts… (no offense intended if this is you… it’s just not me.)

I’ve been here since June, but only really began to put in a good solid effort about 1.5 weeks ago. Six days ago, I learned of the “Buyer Request” feature.

After just 11 offers sent to buyer requests, I’ve achieved the following result:

  • 1 amazing conversation with a potential long-term, regular client for various Virtual Assistant work, which resulted in us agreeing on a fairly compensated 2 week trial period beginning next week.

  • 1 completed transcription project for a client who has hinted at more work to come, left a very generous tip, and a 5-star review with amazing comments that I’m sure will help me a great deal in generating more business for myself.

So to all of you out there who are new, struggling to make that first sale… It will come! Do as I did, and follow the advice of the more experienced sellers, spend time reading in the Academy, be consistent and believe it will happen!.

TL;DR - I asked for tips on the forums; I did the things I was suggested to; it worked; yay.


Hi Carybeers,

It is great to know that you had a wonderful experience on Fiverr.
It feels good at the beginning of a career, and I congratulate you for it.

However, when you say that that “and probably, even more, individuals who are willing to consistently work like a dog for peanuts” that really can be offensive. The very name of the platform “Fiverr” could be considered as peanuts under your this comprehension, as after all various people are offering their services beginning at $5 and Fiverr was intended to convince buyers for its offerings at lower rates.

At the initial stage of your career, you should do that, or I know some individuals who did not even had an order in 6 months. They were continuously applying for Buyers requests, and the only reason they could not get work as they did not have enough Reviews. A review carries the same weight in the eyes of a buyer: whether it was given for peanuts or whatever.

Please don’t consider as I have taken your comments personal or have been working like a dog (in your words). Fortunately, I have been earning a handful of money from my projects and my average earning per project is above $30.

It is just the new sellers whom I don’t want to disappoint by reading such remarks, and I hope you agree as well.

Kind Regards,


Wow that is nice story i hope i will get my first client soon too :slight_smile:



I understand where your comments have come from. Perhaps I should clarify my previous statement. Completing projects for $5 isn’t what I classify as “working for peanuts”.

In the spirit of Fiverr, completing small projects for $5, even those that are technically worth more than $5, is not “working for peanuts”. Even offering an initially lower rate to a new client to entice them to give you a shot is not “working for peanuts”. This is marketing yourself. I work for clients outside of Fiverr as well, and I do these things, among others to gain the business of new clients, and keep regular ones coming back.

What I’m referring to when I say “working for peanuts” are individuals who are willing to consistently complete projects that will take them 20-40 hours to complete for $5. We all have gig packages that start at $5. Money is not the only return we, as freelancers, get from our investment, our time spent on our projects… lots of other factors to consider as well to determine if a job is “worth it” for lack of better term.


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks a lot for the clarification.

You are very right, and yes I hold the same view, i.e. one must be rewarded for his efforts and time.
It is exactly why I charge sometime even double of the amount described in the gig for something that needs extra effort and extensive research.

I wish you best of luck for your future projects on fiverr.



Congrats! :sparkler: This is really inspirational. Love the deadpan “yay.”


Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed that. You should hear me in person… lol :slight_smile:


Well done, Congratulations. It always feels good when it all comes together, especially a five star review! :rose: