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My First Sale completed! Sample work is a cool feature


Hey everyone

I am a bit excited because I obtained and worked my first ever sale on Fiverr!! Very happy, I worked late in the hours of christmas eve folding over onto christmas day to get the work done before a long stretch with the family… and I got an awesome review. Very happy!

Here is to many more!


Congrats, now rest up it’s still the Christmas Break !


Good job, congratulations!


Great job! :smiley:


Thanks guys!!! Awesome support from you lot.

now I need to market myself to bring in sales…

I also need to figure out a way of bringing down the 60 seconds, because for $4, (£2.60) it is just enough for a cup of coffee (can’t even buy a pint of beer for that here) so it’s a lot of work and typically a video between 45-60 seconds is around 40 mins to an hour’s worth of work, not including upload times and any special effects. But maybe it’s the sacrifice I need to make till I can get extra’s unlocked which is what my gig will be built around.


Amazing! Good luck, may 2013 be a very happy year for you :slight_smile:


Congrats on your 1st sale!

Up next… Level 1!!

hint hint! Offer background music inclusion as well (for now, thru an additional gig)


what do you mean? As in i will add background music to your video clip for $5?


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Yes, offer it as ‘extra’. Your first completed video is fine. Now imagine it… with a background music :slight_smile:


the sample work video I done? Yeah you are right It would be better with music… but the buyer didn’t want any! lol.

Pain in the arse to get these extras… need more sales!

I have probably bought around 15 gigs so far lol…


That’s awesome!


Congratulations and great luck here on Fiverr in 2013


Congrats, way to get started!