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My first sale! Hello Fiverr!


Relatively new fiverr seller here, just thought I’d say hello. Recently I made my first sale which was very exciting! There’s clearly a ton of good info here on the forums so I’m going to be digging in over these next few days. Good luck to all of you fellow new sellers!


That’s Awesome!!

Congratulations Dearie… Welcome to the League!

Here is something for you to read from the Forum.

I am sure this will help you and newbies like you.
:bulb: All the best


Awesome! Just finished reading through and already learned some new stuff. Thank you for the link!


You are welcome :slight_smile: Do let us know what all you need. We are here to help you. :rose:


Congratulations. Your first sale is always very exciting. Also you will find lots of useful information in the Fiverr Academy and podcasts. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Visit the below link. Learn more and improve sales


Wow.good job keep it up … What you do for it.

Keep up the spirit!
Keep sailing on boats of hopes. And do the things written in the article I shared above!

:bulb: All the best!

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Congrats :+1: Best of LUck for future

Thats awesome, i got my first salle just a couple of months ago and i still remember the excitment i had when i saw the alert on my phone :slight_smile:


Hi. I can not load my first gig.
Upload photo and I want to press ‘‘save’’ but I can not because not allowed.
What am I doing wrong ?
please help me.

What is your gig image size?

Until now it looks good I learned a lot from the Academy waits tolerantly for my first gig.:grinning::grinning:


Congratulations! I still remember the feeling I had so many years ago when I got my first orders, so after years will go by and you’ll be swamped in orders and talking to hundreds of buyers and starting to feel overwhelmed or tired, make sure you remember this exact moment in time, these feelings, and think how lucky you were and still are!

And now with the Forum being this filled with unbelievably awesome posts and helpful/educational material (and so many users eager to help each other), your life will be so much easier than it was for me and others in my time when there wasn’t even a Forum, or when it started pretty empty.


Maybe your phone number is not verified.
Go to the account security page and verify your phone number.

I hope this will help.

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