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My First Sale of $10 ! Fiverr Rocks

I am totally amazed that fiverr is so cool . I have started selling just yesterday and got my first sale of $10 .

The begining is so cool . Hope will get more and more order soon .

I would like to get some guidelines from super sellers to sell more .

Congrats so exciting!!! You just have to be patient. The more positive feedback you collect the more business you will be able to pick up over time ;). It is always difficult for new sellers…

That’s great! Congratulations. I’m sure the orders will come pouring in soon.

Congrats :slight_smile: Keep up the good work

Awesome!! From one green horn to another…keep it up!! Always be moving:-)

Hey there @adsenseliveapps. I want to tell you something and if I’m wrong that’s fine. Unless I am totally misunderstanding what I see, you may have some kind of typo or autocorrect error in your profile. From reading your gig and profile I am guessing that perhaps English is not your first language which is fine but you might need to make a correction.

You say in your profile that you are an " arsenide" service provider and maybe you meant to say something about adsense there. If it is an error you need to correct it soon because the only definition I know for arsenide makes it related to a dangerous chemical. Take care and good luck.

I saw that . It was a printing mistake. Thanks a lot . If you see any other problem then let me know please . Also let me know that what was wrong in english.