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My first sale :(


please help me out … im confused why there are no any page reviews neither any message from any buyer.

i’m losing hope please help me people :frowning:



Please be patient!

Many of us waited days and even weeks to get a first sale.

You can help speed up the process by…


Yes, just 1 day old Gigs, you’ve got to give it a chance Rahul singh. In the meantime you can improve your Gigs by reading as much as you can in this forum, on what others do. And it will come. You have great Gigs too.

Best wishes of success :bz


Just so you know. I got my first order in 2 months. After that no sale for 8 months, then another few orders, then routine like that upto 3 years. Unless you’re offering something valuable, orders are hard to come by. :frowning: So find something that people need desperately and give it to them.