My first Sell in fiverr of my life


I already done my job last night. it’s $35 and Buyer give me Tips $11 and 5 star rating. I am so Happy.But How can i get more order .?



  1. Utilize the buyer request section to obtain new buyers.
  2. Do social media marketing for your gig.
  3. Provide a great product and present your service in a professional way.
  4. Search the forum for more valuable useful tips and tricks on how to properly achieve greater sales.

Best of luck!


Congratulations techsobuj on your first sale. Although, some of us are still struggling to get ours:sob::sob: Please can someone help me out on ways to improve the quality of my gigs.


Congratulations @techsobuj. Do social media marketing for your gigs this will really help you to obtain new buyer.


Thanks for your response codobux. I’ll do just that.


@techsobuj Congratulations…You will continue to make lots of sales in the future and you will continue to keep all your clients happy in the future


How does a buyer leave tips?, I have a buyer that really liked my job and wants to leave some tips


Use the buyer requests, i got my first sale through that, although he didn’t write a review yet.


In buyer page, there is an option with the name “Tip Now”, the tip amount will be deducted from the buyer’s shopping balance. If there is no money left in the shopping balance, the buyer will be redirected to the payment page.
For more detail - please read following link :


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:




This is the way! Congratulations @techsobuj may you get many more orders. Thanks for the list @thecreativeguys


thank you. i want to work in fiverr full time


Congratulations…!!! Wish you all the best…!!! Keep it up…!!!


Thank you exdesigns .


Well done. You can get more orders by sending offers in Buyer Requests, promoting your gigs, great communication, high-quality work and fast delivery of the end product.


Congratulation @techsobuj. Wish you all the best. @thecreativeguys thank you for your tips but I have already applied all of them but no hope. I don’t know how I overcome the situation like that(no order, no request). Is there any secret way to get the order or get the gig rank higher? Thank you in advance.


Congratulations There!


thank you @annservices28


Congratulations!!! Nice to see this :slight_smile: