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My First sell in Fiverr


Hi There,
Just about 2 hours ago I delivered my order. And my buyer left 5 star review. This buyer is so nice and his all requirements are very clear. Even when I sent him to the file for review before delivered my order, He pointed out my errors very nicely. So friendly buyer. I never thing I completed my first order so smoothly.
Have great experience. I am so happy. :slight_smile:


Good. The lifeline of Fiverr is such buyers and such sellers.
I visited your profile just now. Your gig images aren’t very easy on the eye.


Thank you so much for your comment. Could you please tell me the detail about my images so that I can fix it? :slight_smile:


Hi, I am an expert Digital Marketer. Marketing is not only my passion but also my hobby. I am here to provide the best service to my clients. Their Satisfaction is my first priority and best service is my habit. I provide best quality work with 100% satisfaction.

  1. I suggest:
    Hi, I am a Digital Marketing expert. I can help market your services online quickly using social media and mailing lists. Client satisfaction is my topmost priority. I am sure you would love to order more of my services once we get started with your first order.

  2. Your gig images, due to their colors and design, might put off prospective buyers. Use better images for all your gigs.

  3. Gig writeups are ok but there is scope for improvement. You keep checking other gigs and improve this writeup, but don’t copy other gigs.




Your buyer sounds like a :gem:. Precise instructions to complete a work order is always a bonus. Cheers! :relaxed:


thank you so much for your suggestion… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Congratulations! How long did it take for you to get your first order? i’m just wondering because people say that it takes a long time.:confused:


its takes only 14 days… And I recently submitted my second order too. Both of the buyers are so nice, cooperative, very clear to their requirements. I may be a lucky person to get orders such a short time. :slight_smile:


That is really great! Again, congratulations! I hope you keep getting more and more!


Thank you so much for your best wishes :slight_smile:


Congratulations ! you are so lucky . . .


Wow Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congrats! Keep at it, and before long, you will have a full queue!



I’m new here too and find it so inspiring to see how fantastic this service can be and to read topics like this. Really looking forward to being part of such a phenome group.

Way to go!!! …and may you have many many and MANY more sales!


Thank you so much @thecla_tech for you best wishes :slight_smile: I hope you are also become a lucky one such as other freelancers in :slight_smile:


Congratulations for first sell


congrats carry on Hope it will help to get success