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My First So/So Review

I am sure that everyone gets an “eh” review every now and then, but whew. It stings a little. I thought I did a good job, and it wasn’t a bad review, just not a great one. Surely I’m not alone, right? What happened when you got your first bad review?

sigh Thanks for the tip, Sara! I’ll see what I can do.

sigh Thanks for the tip, Sara! I’ll see what I can do.

sigh Thanks for the tip, Sara! I’ll see what I can do.

sigh Thanks for the tip, Sara! I’ll see what I can do.

sigh Thanks for the tip, Sara! I’ll see what I can do.

It happens all the time to all of us! I try to tell my author buyers not to get discouraged when they get their own bad reviews too. Sometimes our work just doesn’t line up with someone else’s opinion of what’s good! That’s okay! We’re all different and unique. Just try not to take it personally. Keep doing your best! When I’ve had some rude buyers who seemed displeased no matter how hard I tried, I would always offer them even more for free just to prove that I was going above and beyond for them. Sometimes they may even choose to leave a negative regardless, but you can’t let it get to you. Just remember that no one is perfect, but we can all try to be the best possible sellers we can be!

I got my first mediocre review too, just a few days ago. I was devastated, couldn’t believe it!! Me?? I’m the perfect writer, how could this be happening?!

Then to really bring me down, this was a followed by a couple more hurtful reviews. One even described my work as “adequate.” Really below the belt, that one!

But after a year of perfect reviews I knew it had to happen at some point. So now I’m down from 100% to a pitiful-looking 99%, (sigh).

So, yes, you have my heartfelt condolences, I truly know how you feel!

I got my first 4.5 review a week ago.

It was unfair, since I did everything that was asked of me, and even the buyer said that. So, I sent him a message, asked him to explain his review. He said he was not quite satisfied with the price! After the gig is done, he is telling me this!

I told him that he had known the price before ordering, he could’ve chosen not to buy, and since he’d ordered after all, it’s not right to give a review based on the price.

So, he changed his review to 5 star one.

That was the experience which taught me to always get all things straight with the customer before making an order, even what’s implied.

I’ve had a slew of them lately. One even messaged me before to tell me there was no way my entire portfolio was mine…

It’s been a weird week.

Ugh. It still just grates on me that I got this review. The buyer said that I edited something that wasn’t relevant to the website content. I’ve been over the document and the website and I just can’t figure it out. The buyer didn’t even contact me prior to making the order and I just don’t understand. Grr! Have these “meh” reviews cost you guys jobs, or am I just being paranoid? I haven’t had THAT many gigs so I feel like even one poor review is going to kill my standing.

One bad review when you’re new can be hard to overcome. I notice it’s knocked your rating down to 92%.

Try to bury that piece of feedback and increase your rating quickly. Offer a great deal to get people in. Once you get back up to 95% and that particular piece of feedback is buried, you’ll be fine.

@kristica84 Another thing you can try if you want to really go for every option is to re-contact the buyer who left the review. I wouldn’t over-do it. Send one really well worded message and if the buyer ignores it or says no, leave it. If you message them, you could try and offer them something really fantastic in turn for getting the review removed.

Offer them a free gig or extra service or a total re-do of the original work with an option for even more revisions. If they accept, get a friend to really help you double-check it. I think the buyer has up to 3 days to change the review to a positive (or just delete it) and if it’s longer than that, Fiverr will remove it for them if they are willing to submit a ticket requesting it. Since the ticket method is slow, you don’t have much time to have a strong chance at this. It just depends on how bad you want it.

The only other suggestion I have for you is to add more gigs as well and utilize those degrees fully. Perhaps a writing gig for non-fiction and if you can find a way to do something with the theater experience, go for it. Things like video testimonials if you can act or teaching people how to do a costume or makeup if that’s something you can do. If you have more gigs, you might find something that takes off well and is easier to maintain. Proofreading can be a tough gig. There is a lot of competition and some buyers think they want edits but actually get offended when they get them. If it really is your best thing, though, keep on truckin’.

You’re review is not so-so, its terrible. They simply left “not good!” I would contact them to try to rectify or see what the problem was, maybe even offer refund. When starting out on fiverr it really isn’t good to have any bad reviews like that within your first 50 orders. My first bad review was from someone looking to get free work done. nonetheless, as long as i do my part, i can’t really worry or consume myself with a rating. Now if i start getting repeated bad reviews, then i might have to see what’s going on with the quality with my work.

See, that’s the problem. I’ve emailed the customer and they (kind of) explained, but I can’t find a single thing they’re complaining about. I swallowed my pride and offered to re-do the work, a refund, everything I could think of, and the buyer hasn’t responded. The buyer’s English isn’t great, and I don’t know what else I can do. It sounds like that review goes permanent tomorrow. I’m just so bummed. It’s completely shot my confidence.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Wow. I hadn’t even thought of someone wanting to buy something theater related. This is an awesome idea! Thank you!

Reply to @kristica84: Even if the review goes permanent, if you happen to hear back from the buyer they can contact Customer Support and have the review changed. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they contact you, but in the meantime you can still climb back. If you need to change up your gigs for now and offer even more for five bucks to get sales. Add some high demand gigs if you can do them. Slam out several gigs and get those 5 star reviews and you WILL overcome it. I’ve seen people come back from much worse. :slight_smile:

I got my first review from the seller who was looking for something other than what i offer in my gig. It become more painful when Customer Support didn’t helped !!