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My first tarot gig! Are you a believer or a skeptic?


I’d love to help out anyone who’s interested (my gig is here: ), but I’m also wondering:

Do you guys believe in tarot? Personally, I don’t think the cards can be used to “see the future,” but they have withstood the test of time as meditative instruments with so much beautiful symbolism. I believe that examining them with a problem in mind can reveal new perspectives and alternatives that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered, making you much more well-armed to tackle the situation at hand.

So, blessing or bullcrap? What do you think?


Welcome to fiverr and good luck with your gigs here.


I did an interview on my blog with someone who has created a mobile app/game inspired by tarot, and I learned that tarot can be used as a positive tool, like a way of providing affirmations. I think tarot is like art–it is what you make of it.

Good luck with your gig!


I agree with your assessment. I’m a total “skeptic” of any paranormal claims. However, I do think the “Royal Road” tells a story that is powerful


Thanks for the well wishes, and good luck to all of you as well!

anarchofighter said: "Royal Road"

What is the Royal Road?


I know I have done a lot with the occult and even have my own version of the gig so I am a firm believer in tarot personally. I’ve seen it provide useful tips and advice for people and have also seen it show different possibilities that could happen on the road a person is taking and plenty of them have happened for me to be an even stronger believer. I don’t use an actual tarot deck though but rather I use an oracle deck so what my deck provides could be different compared to how yours works.


Oracle decks are beautiful too :slight_smile: Of course the type of cards you prefer will be the best for you to use. I actually don’t own an oracle deck, but now I might check one out.

I’m curious too - is “Royal Road” referring to the journey depicted by the major arcana in the tarot deck, or is it something else entirely?


I personally don’t believe in horoscopes, psychics, tarot and almost all paranormal claims X_X

tn5rr2012 said: What is the Royal Road?

Tarot was not widely adopted by mystics, occultists and secret societies until the 18th and 19th centuries. The tradition began in 1781, when Antoine Court de Gébelin, a Swiss clergyman, published Le Monde Primitif, a speculative study which included religious symbolism and its survival in the modern world.

De Gébelin first asserted that symbolism of the Tarot de Marseille represented the mysteries of ■■■■ and Thoth.

Gébelin further claimed that the name "tarot" came from the Egyptian words tar, meaning "royal", and ro, meaning "road", and that the Tarot therefore represented a "royal road" to wisdom.

De Gébelin wrote this treatise before Jean-François Champollion had deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs, or indeed before the Rosetta Stone had been discovered, and later Egyptologists found nothing in the Egyptian language to support de Gébelin's fanciful etymologies. Despite this, the identification of the tarot cards with the Egyptian Book of Thoth was already firmly established in occult practice and continues in to the present day.

And more specifically, it refers to the "Trumps" The Fool (Card 0) to The World (Card 21)

anarchofighter said: And more specifically, it refers to the "Trumps" The Fool (Card 0) to The World (Card 21)
OK I 'll go with that