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My first time exp with fiverr is bad


Require text proofread, but end up text correct, layout change, image cut, page number remove, some text remove. Looks like software job. Any ideas?


In my experience, bad quality comes as a result of low reviews/cheap prices/bad portfolio.

Not that I’ve had any bad experiences here on Fiverr but if your seller doesn’t have any good reviews or their prices are too cheap and their portfolio isn’t very good you shouldn’t expect great quality.

Sometimes we expect to save a little money but end up wasting time and more money :smiley:


I really don’t understand when say “my first time exp with fiverr is bad”, when it was you who made it bad, you offered proofreading service I guess, and if the client asks more, you can always say no or ask the client to pay extra, sorry it is you who made it bad if you accepted additional work for no pay.
And if you are the client, then simply do not pay. Case closed.


@abdulmoti I think the OP is the buyer, who’s disappointed with what they’ve received.

@johntsai0_0 What did the seller offer, and how did this compare with what you received please?


Review ok , level two seller I guess, but result was surprisly had.


Even seller seems do all editing, all my image and block of text gone.layout change. Is it normal to u guys with proofread?


I’m sorry, I’m not a proofreader, and don’t understand your question.

All I asked was, what did the seller promise to do, and did it match with what you received?


Half. She did editing alright, but the way she did change lot of original unnecessary. Image, remove stuff, etc.


I bet some sellers took the advice: “overdeliver” too seriously… :neutral_face:


Have you asked the seller to modify your delivery? That would be the first thing to do - just explain what you thought you would get, and what you think she needs to do to put it right.


nothing i ask. i only request proofreading. the result looks like document runs by software edtiting. layout change, image shift, block text remove, page number gone, content layout modify. do you think this result acceptable??


I believe what @offlinehelpers tells you is to not accept the work, and ask your seller to modify the delivery. As the changes in the layout were not included in your order.
IMO, those changes she should do for free.


I don’t know if it’s acceptable or not, because I don’t know what you were promised.

Please ask your seller to put it right by asking for a modification.


Hi, this kind of result can often happen when people use different types of software that are not compatible.
For example, I remember something like this happened to me some time back, I was using Google Drive at the time because the buyer wanted changes tracked but did not have MS Word themselves (Drive can show changes as suggestions). Their document was a .odt file which had been converted from pdf through software. It took all of the images and stuck them together at the top and this changed the whole layout of the document (as all the images were moved).

It is possible your seller did not even notice it happening so do check with them first. In my situation there was no other choice but for me to edit it (again) in Word then upload it to Drive.


What kind of file did you give your seller to work on, Word document, Open Office, PDF,…?

I don´t really proofread, apart from my own translations, but translate, which is similar in some regards, and of course I take utmost precaution to not change the documents I need to work on in an unnecessary way - of course I leave images, take care to not delete any bit of HTML tags etc., though there are some things that can´t be helped, for instance, German text almost always is ‘longer’ than the translated English text, if I get a 20 page English document, it can easily end up as 25 pages in German, which means different page numbers, though, of course, I´d notice if there were no page numbers suddenly…

What Eoin describes, can be an issue often though, I translate Google sheets for a customer regularly, usually I can download them as Excel files and work on them and then paste it into the Google sheet, but sometimes there´s a conversion error (though I do get a pop-up telling me that so I am aware of it and check if everything is there etc., last time there was an error and I ended up having to save the text to a Word file and then copypaste field for field from the Word file into the Google sheet. Which, of course, was additional work. Copy-pasting the whole thing into the Google sheet messed it up, and, since I check what I´m doing/did before the delivery, I went the field-by-field route to get it right.

Sometimes I get PDFs instead of Word files, and Word doesn´t always convert them right, one time it was so bad that I went and subscribed to an Adobe solution for converting to get a better result.

So, generally, I think it can be possible that the problem was some kind of conversion issue, though I´m not quite sure how it can be that the seller didn´t notice that there were images and page numbers missing and such things. Unless the issue was when you got the delivery as file type ‘A’ and opened it/put it into something that converted it into file type ‘B’ and thus you are seeing different results than the seller did.

I´d simply ask the seller the exact thing you wrote here - why are these images cut, page numbers removed etc., then the two of you might be able to figure out what happened if it was some conversion error because of different software you use, or the seller might have to admit that they made a mistake and can either correct it, or offer you a cancellation/refund, if they can´t actually do the job right.


While I do agree with this and what @eoinfinnegan has said, I also want to add that it is possible the seller “edited” the document using Grammarly or a similar software. In most cases, such software’s deal with text only, excluding images and page numbers. If the seller used a software of that nature and then exported the document to Word, that would be the result. I believe a seller who did the editing manually will notice any of such drastic changes… it cannot be overlooked.


It could be a simple use of different software, and the seller might not be aware of what happen as some said above, it is not something to panic about, ask the seller and communicate with her, it might be simple misunderstanding, I am sure if she realizes what happened she will fix it, and if not change the seller and find some one else and make sure they can do the job as you exactly want. And first bad experience is always a learning opportunity and not a disastrous thing unless it costs you 3 digits which I don’t think is the case here. You made some of us freak out with you with your title. :slight_smile: