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My first time in Fiverr. Can u give me some tips?

Hello, i´m Constan Demian and i´ve like to know some tips for how to grow in this platform. Thank you! This is the link to my firts fiverr:


Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


I don’t understand what you are offering from your gig description. What is it that you’re providing buyers? Also, this might be my ignorance of video editing showing, but what does this mean?


How are there 15 minutes of footage, but the video runs less than 5 minutes?

Are you adding intros to videos? What type of editing are you offering?

You might want to get more detailed in your gig description and add an FAQ section.

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And - proofread your profile description. It’s littered with typos.

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One can provide hours of footage but needs only few minutes.

Footage is the raw video sent to the editor, running time is the edited video.

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You have a gig which is inspiring people to NOT BUY from you.

By ZFEEDFX? his is just going to confuse people, but then I doubt very much that’s your own original work, Tin Eye tells me 150 other people use this image:

Are you serious with you video demo? My daughter could have edited something a thousand times better than that on her phone three years ago. Your skills have been put to shame by a then 12 year old girl. How does it feel to call yourself and editor, yet have skills which are surpassed by a child?

There’s a cross branding issue and your prose is all ME, ME, ME.

Hi, I’m Constan and I have to tell you that I love the publishing world from the moment I discovered it and I think I like it because of my creativity. I have been doing magic for three years and that has helped me a lot to be a very creative person in different aspects and I can also put the example of music. I like to edit because it is creating things from scratch and with all the love that I put into it, the truth comes out quite well. I would like to be able to work with you and be able to carry out projects.

Twelve references to “I” / “me”, and two “you”.

Why would you buy from someone who appears to have a focus on themselves, not their client?

Hi, im Constan Demian and when i saw the editing world, i felt in love with it. I want to work with you and create amazing things. In this world, when u do something with love you will get a great thing. That is why i put my love in all the videdos that i´ve made. Let´s work together and let´s create something!

Was that written by the first illiterate mute deaf blind person you dragged off the street?

Prediction: you will not meksell on this gig because it’s a competitive arena, there are some seriously experienced sellers there and frankly, they’re going to wipe the floor with you as you haven’t put the effort into making a gig which stands out.


In short…

  • Provide that you have been described in your description. Put your best efforts for unlimate benefits.
  • Watch your Buyer’s order and follow like a best friend.
  • Respect and Adhere rest you will get at ease.

Happy Earning!


You sure you’re not a spam bot as you sure as hell write like one?

Be great on your first buyers

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keywords are the main part of ranking, unique words or difficult words do not give you ranking, you can do keywords research by your own search bar just to write a few words, choose easy and searchable words in your description, in addition, choose social media platform, fiver communities, read “tips for sellers” page and stay active or connected with communities. best of luck :+1: