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My First Time Scammed

Hello everyone…

buyer messaged me asking me to do a logo for him. He asked me to do a mock up. and then send it to him and he would pay more then what I was charging… Since Im kinda desperate for $ since Im very sick and in the hospital. I was glad to try help him and design him something before him paying. (i never was stiffed before) So I sent him a few drafts and he told me it was perfect… but then decided not to pay me… I told him that if he uses my logo. I will write a bad review online about his store. he then fired back saying that hes going to report me for threatening to write a negative review.

I know my lesson is learned… does anyone know what I can do to prevent this from happening again. I like the community and never had an issue… well until now…

How can I protect myself better?

Oh if anyone finds my logo being used … i beg you to let me know…

Sorry to hear that, man.

That awfully sucks. Definitely will report if I see it. Nice logo too.

thanks… ed…

All I want to do is help people in anyway that my body will let me… this seems to be my only way where I can make some cash for me and my service dog… I cant work a regular job and every bit helps…

This is very upsetting since I worked hard for him.

I know alot of people get scammed on here… I never thought I would be venting on here.

great color and use of art…

How appropriate the use of the ass in the logo :-~ Get well man

If he didn’t buy the logo he cannot use it. He doesn’t have the rights. If he uses it on a website I believe you can report it and other such things, but I know he cannot just “take” it. I know there is more information on this since it isn’t the first time, do a search on the form. You’ll get a lot of information from past incidents. I would make sure to watermark you samples from here on out so it makes it harder to steal. Also, I would think it in better judgment to get payment upfront. I’ve heard a thousands times “I’ll pay you soon”, never happens, and I wouldn’t take the chance.

I told him that it was messed up for doing that and if he uses my logo I will write a review online about him stealing it

He just wrote back and told me he reported me to fiver for threatening to do that…

PLEASE I dont want to get in trouble on I just wanted payment for my hard work…

“seller -

Shut the ■■■■ up I’ve just reported you go bore someone else

Like I said before I have not used that logo and am sure there will be happy to know you have lol”

Reply to @accessgirl: Thanks accessgirl… I know i should of made him order first… but when he offered me $30 for it and was acting very nice, I figured there would be no harm… I have done this in the past and never got stiffed… Im going to use your idea of the watermark… thank you!!

He just sent another message… showing he reported me… what did I do wrong? I worked hard for him… he tells me how much he liked it… and then doesnt pay me…

Will get mad at me??


Thanks for getting in touch. We’re looking into your request (#648134) which will be personally answered by one of our team members. Your request will be answered as soon as our workload permits and may be delayed to provide you a more considerate response from our Customer Support team.

Thanks for your patience,

The Fiverr Team

Reply to @fungoodesigns: Ok, you didn’t do anything wrong initially. You can send a message to to cs and let them know what is happening. Quit messaging him threats though. You definitely don’t want to make it a bigger issue. If he does use the logo you can take action. If it’s online you can file DMCA report ( or something like that, need to research) to get the image taken down. If he’s not using it, there’s nothing you can do. Threatening him though isn’t going to get you money he never intended on paying.

Reply to @accessgirl: your right… Your a smart one!! :slight_smile:


Reply to @fungoodesigns: sometimes :wink: Sorry this happened, some people are so lousy.

fungoodesigns said: He just sent another message.. showing he reported me... what did I do wrong? I worked hard for him.. he tells me how much he liked it.. and then doesnt pay me..

You won't get into trouble...

Reply to @ryangillam:

Thanks for the reply… I’m waiting for to message me… I sent them a message explaining what happened. Im really scared though. I just started this site and Im really trying to do my best to help people. I need these gigs and cant get booted off here… This so far paid for my service dogs food… I know i shouldn’t worry so much. but having him tell me reporting me for scamming me is giving me a panic attack… I just want to sell and hopefully keep making new friends on here…

Reply to @fungoodesigns: You’ll be ok! I couldn’t imagine being booted for that…I hate sitting on pins and needles to find out anything, especially if I think I’m in trouble, so I know how you feel. But don’t worry, like ryangillam said, you won’t get in trouble.

Reply to @bachas85:Thanks for replying!

If you find that he’s used your logo on his site or anywhere else, file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint with the site’s host. It’s illegal for him to claim ownership of something he does not own and use it in any capacity.

If you somehow can’t file the DMCA complaint with his site’s host, file the complaint with Google, reporting the use of your logo on his site. Google doesn’t favor sites that use stolen material in their search indexes.

Reply to @nickih: Thanks!!