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My first time seeing this


Hello Fiverr Family,

This is my first time seeing this. What exactly does this mean?

Thanks for your time.

Pastor Dre


A few buyers of mine have it, but I´ll refer you to this here, as there´s no actual information on what it takes to get buyer ‘levels’ like there is for sellers’, so you´re stuck with the info/speculation in that thread I guess.


It means that the person is a top buyer.


Hi Pastor Dre,

It means, the person has either purchased 10 gigs or spent over $100 with Fiverr.

It’s a reference of sort to the “Trustability” of the buyer, since he/she is a regular buyer on Fiverr.

TOP BUYER - What is it? Customer Support's Answer

@djgodknows, is this the official stat?


Verified from a buyer


i think it’s buyer rank like we have for sellers (not sure)


I dont think its official. Because I ave spent more than $200 and more than 10 orders, but still i dont think so i am a top buyer.


Personally, I don’t think it’s all that relevant for buyers.

I’ve yet to see a gig that said, “I work with top buyers only.”


you also have it




Ahaha. Maybe a tactic worth trying, for people who have too many orders or are bored somehow. :wink:


Humm, how about a bronze crown for level 1 buyer, silver crown for level 2 buyer, gold crown for top buyers like there is for sellers. :laughing::wink:


Absolutely. Only fair. Hm I once either had or saw the profile of a buyer once with a response rate of 1 month or so lol wonder how that would figure into the metal the crown was made of. And imagine all the desperate threads of buyers ‘fiverr doesn´t process my credit card, but if I can´t buy this gig today I won´t get my 50 buys in 2 consecutive months and will have to wait for my silver crown!’ Could be big fun for everyone. :wink:


Nice Idea. :joy::joy:


Ha, ha, ha!! That would be so funny. :joy:

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Heck, it might even be good for business. :smiley:


Oh yes, why should the sellers get all the fun, gamification is the way to go.

They´d have to get more staff for CS then though, to handle all the cases of buyers wanting to get bad reviews removed because it makes a dent into their crown. Still, who knows, maybe the prestige and glory of the multicoloured crowns and the fight for good reviews would draw new buyers, at least the competitive kind. Maybe a set of symbols to choose from, crowns, olive branches, little kitten… so much potential in that.