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My first tip! :)

Today I got my first tip and 5th buyer! They tipped $25! Really happy with fiverr right now!


Keep it up.

congratulations!! :smiley:

Well done! @fozerog, That is a feel good moment and satisfaction for a job well done!

Nice! Maybe you can share it with us :stuck_out_tongue:slight_smile:
Kidding… keep the hars work on :wink:

Thanks everyone for congratulating me! :slight_smile:

Let’s party!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Congratulations @fozerog .Cheers :beers:


Wow. Congratulations.
Very happy moment for you.
Keep it up.

first tip is always great.
when I find my first tips …I was felling great …
Keep it bro

Congratulations! That’s awesome.
I got my first tip few days ago too. Such a great feeling that you’ve done a perfect work that satisfied the buyer.

That’s quite a nice tip, the most I’ve ever been tipped was 20$ on a 100$ order. Congrats!

Keep it up

Congratulation my friend. always deliver high quality work and makes your buyer happy

Congratulation @fozerog

@fozerog Congratulation

Keep it up you will get more in future.

Yipee!!! Enjoy that feeling.

Well done! Keep it Up.

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