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My first tshirt design gig


As a new user here I just created my first tshirt design gig. I did many projects on tshirt locally. I need experts suggestions regarding my first gig on this category in fiverr.

Gig :



Thank you so much @samuelaaron0110 for your valuable advice. I’m already working on video. Very soon I’ll update it.


Ah ok, successes then!


Great gig, wish you all the best for your success:)


Your gigs are awesome, you will have your first sell soon.
Wish you best of luck:)


Thank you very much! I hope someone will soon take an interest in my work :grinning: Do not hesitate to contact me if you need my services :wink:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Sure I will if needed. Thanks


very nice work…


I hope you will succeed very soon.:v::v:


Thank you so much for checking my gig @chitsimransingh


Yes I’m also hoping so. Thanks for your appreciation