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My First Two bad experience on Fiverr

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

It’s my first bad experience on fiverr, the one buyer tell me that the script doesn’t work for him and I submit cancel request to give it money back, but after few days I was checked It’s website and I find my script on it :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

The second one want a JPG Design for Home Page I make it, It doesn’t ask me about anything (modification or refund) just put a bad review 2.5 star on my profile and say I didn’t do modification or refund, but It doesn’t asked me :smiley:

Sorry to know that. I also experienced unresponsive buyer and who doesn’t even suggest anything. What I do is to continue following them up and suggest more ideas to them even though they don’t even bother.

That really sucks. So sorry to hear that. When I submit an order I write a few sentences asking that they leave a review if they are satisfied with my work and ask that they contact me for modifications prior to closing out the order if they require any changes. This has worked out great so far for me, but I know that is not always the case. I think my little submission notes help to at least prep the Buyer to send a modification before leaving a bad review (and hopefully leave a positive review, though some of my clients haven’t left any feedback at all)

But to be honest my all other buyers are awesome :smiley:

Unfortunately there are also this kind of buyers and there is no way to avoid them!

Keep up the good work and forget about them!

script not working? Why didn’t you check yourself and prove it?

Being a developer, it is hard for people to fool you.

Reply to @kay2809: It’s not like this, I just won’t break my head.

If you don’t like work or you have a problem, okay (-take-your-money-) back and go away.

This’s my rule :wink:

muradbougraine said: but after few days I was checked It's website and I find my script on it :D :D

If an order was mutually cancelled, the Buyer doesn't not have rights to your work as they didn't pay for it.

Simply contact Customer Service providing proof of the individual is using the script and they will deal with it. Copyright issues are taken very seriously, not only on Fiverr but the internet in general. You have rights to the work you created and what the Buyer is doing is illegal - be sure to let the Fiverr know about this matter so they can prevent this (and the Buyer) from happening to another Seller here in the community.

Reply to @muradbougraine: Oh. Just wait for when you have bigger orders. That take days to complete :slight_smile: