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My first two gigs! Woo!

Hi All! Been a member of fiverr for a long time and have hired people before. I decided I’d jump in to the gig side!

I’ve created two gigs and am just waiting on my first orders to come in.

Here’s gig 1:

Here’s gig 2:

Any advice on traction and how to get my first orders from some seasoned pros would be much appreciated!


Please highlight some text inside your gig and write info below you name.

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Thank you for the advice! I will make those changes.


that s greats !! search your category in fiverr search bar and view successful gigs and get some hints to add in your gigs…

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rizwansb is right … do exactly what he said you will get the result… I’m doing same


Thank you! I did that when I created them, but I’ll do it again to make sure I’ve hit the right points.

@dev_sal - When you say highlight some text do you mean bold? Or is there another way to highlight text. Thank you!

Yeah there is the highlight option click the pen that goes to highlight.

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one more thing do not make changes frequently give some time to see results of your changes…

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