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My first two weeks experience

So, i just thought i should share my very short experience on Fiverr so far for new sellers like me who might be interested in reading my story.

I joined on the 5th of August, that will make it 2 weeks tomorrow.
I received my first order on the second day which i completed with a 5-Star review from the client. I’m sure i’d be hearing from him again *Fingers crossed

Got my second order 7 days after that after i sent a buyer’s request.
This particular client wasn’t as easy to work with as the first because she didn’t communicate her idea properly with the references she sent and i had to work on it about 3 times. Added to that she was paying a lot less than my first gig. I didn’t take the job for money but to build my clientele base and possibly another positive review.

I finally completed the gig her specification and i managed to deliver with over a day to spare.
I figure she was happy with my delivery as she promised to have another task for me next week. Only, i never got a review from this delivery. I must admit i was disappointed because that was one of the major reasons i agreed to her price.
Anyways, i might get one next time we work together.

I’m currently looking forward to working on my 3rd order and i hope i can connect with someone who i’d enjoy working with, who will be willing to pay good money for my services and who will leave me a good review afterwards.

Thank you for taking your time to read.
please leave a comment.


In my opinion sellers should not do jobs cheaply expecting to receive feedback.

There are three very good reasons why:

  1. As a seller you cannot even mention the word ‘feedback’ to your buyer. Doing so can result in an account warning or suspension.

  2. Just because you offer a cheap price it doesn’t mean a buyer will leave feedback. They’re not a mindreader. Buyers are under no obligation to feedback.

  3. Because of points 1 and 2, by offering a cheap price you are only cheating yourself out of earning more money.

Good luck with getting more orders.


Thanks.Yeah as much as the review was important to me another reason i took a price cut is because i am new here, it was only my second order. I figured i needed the work experience and the opportunity to gain a return client. I did mention i didn’t usually work at that rate though and she agreed to pay more next time.

It wasn’t a criticism :slight_smile: I totally get that new sellers need to build their profile.

One quick bit of advice from someone who’s been here a long time, don’t let buyers tell you things like “I’ll pay more next time if you do this job cheap” or “If you can also do XYZ then I’ll leave you a tip” or “I need a free sample”.

While there are undoubtedly some genuine cases, most buyers who use those phrases want to get a job done cheaply or for free. Rarely do they ever stick to their word.


Thanks for even taking the time to respond to my post. Thanks also for your advice, i’d be sure to take it. I believe you are right. I’m still trying to find my way around here and need all the advice i can get.

Congratulations. You got order very fast. :balloon::balloon::balloon:because i might be worked hard on your gig. Great job.

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Great, keep the good work going.
I also I joined last week and my one week experience on fiverr platform was great, just a a single week I got 3 orders and I made $48 in just one single week.

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That’s a great start man. More to follow. Have a great day