My first two weeks on Fiverr


I’m working here since the middle of May and I have 2 completed orders (20$ and 30$) and have a five star review. Is this good result in two weeks or is there some ways to improve my gigs and get more orders? What do you think?


I think its a great start. Now we can’t say that nothing can be improved but this is an ideal start. If I share my experience, I made sales of 40$ in a complete month lol.
But best of luck for your sales and I think you’ll just keep going up :wink: Good luck!


Thank you! Best wishes for you as well! :slight_smile:


Sister can you please tell me how you get you first order


You have made a great start. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


please help me :sweat:


You have already made a great success here so keep going and never stop…


Thank you so much! I’m trying to make my best! :slight_smile:


There are many professional, high-rated seller in each category. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and find buyers who will choose your service.
Firstly, use Buyers Request section, offer real prices (not too high, but not too low price for a bigger project) and Money Back Guarantee!!!
I use to offer unlimited revisions for my buyers to make them 100% satisfied.
Sometimes look at your own gigs, and find out how could you improve them. Also check other sellers’ gigs who offer the same service as you.
And be patient! :slight_smile: