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My first week as TRS

Indeed, the most coveted accolade that all sellers wish to aspire to…the shiny, gleaming, practically incandescent…TRS level!

Actually, it ain’t all that…speaking from my own experience of course. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s nice that your earnings clear quicker, but I had gotten used to/accepted the 3 days to complete, 2 weeks to clear situation.

My orders haven’t increased; at least not yet anyway - they’ve stayed the same for the most part. There’s possibly a misconception that because you’ve been hoisted to the top of the pile that you will be so inundated with work, that your earnings will make King Solomon blush. Finally, you’ll be able to add some more Koi Carp to the pond and extra acreage to the grounds.

Erm, nope.

What I do see an increase in, however, is this:

Time wasters, a.k.a. Tyre-Kickers.

MORE people asking for samples.

Buyers placing orders, but failing to order the appropriate extra, so I have to message them and they don’t respond = cancellation.

Buyer places an order and then messages me saying that they ‘didn’t see the part about 2 days delivery - can you do it in 24 hours? It’s only 119 words.’ So I told them that I can upgrade the order once it’s live and it’ll be an additional $20. Again, no response and the order is in limbo = another cancellation.

Once you are allowed into the hallowed halls of TRS, it seems that you become more of a target than anything. Anyone else having a similar experience?

UPDATE: Buyer finally responded with, ‘can you help me cancel the order my budget is only $10. I will check out another recorder’. A buyer incidentally, who is also a seller with a fake profile image - unless she is also American as well as ********** and has a make-up blog on youtube under the different name of ******* (thanks Google Image Search!), but somehow, I doubt it.


Sorry for that mate, waiting to see what other TRS will say about this.
BTW, I don’t think you can mention buyers names here? I would delete that name you have mentioned in the update :slight_smile:

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If you are having these kinds of problems it sounds like your gigs are too inexpensive so raising your prices will solve most of these types of problems, or eliminate some at least.


Great minds think alike. :slight_smile:
I thought raising them from $5 to $10 would reduce the problem, but clearly not. so I’m raising them again.


Exactly my experience as well. Plus I have a lot more hagglers. Either TRS makes you a target for these folks or fiverr just launched another ad campaign in Dirtsylvania by placing signs on random wandering donkeys in the village that say “Get free stuff on


To be honest, if this state of affairs carries on with this amount of regularity, I really wouldn’t care if I was demoted back to level 2, or whatever. It doesn’t matter to me; I’ll just keep producing work at the same high standard I do now.

Did you hear that, time-wasters and scammers? Yep, you heard right - I don’t care, so bring it on. :wink:

Sometimes, i can’t help thinking that some of these people are ordering and cancelling deliberately, because they can’t stand to see someone else do well.* Of course, alternatively, they could always take a look at their own gig and work out what’s going wrong and try to fix it…but then, what do I know? :wink:

*should I start making my tin-foil hat?


I can’t either, especially when they try to cancel within three minutes of getting the delivery and making sure they understand how it all works and getting all their questions answered about it and saying they are happy with it.

I get dozens of mindless questions every day and people who expect me to discuss my religious beliefs with them in a free chat session and want to lecture me on it and condemn me to someplace bad, argue about it with me, share how they light candles for things, tell me about what great spellcasters they are, etc.

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mmm… i think i’ll stick on level 2 then :joy:

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LOL, I appreciate your candid honesty. :joy:
Did you acquire a success manager? I heard that’s a perk!

Reading TRSes genuine thoughts on what’s it like to hold such a noble title – is eye-opening. I thought you’d get extra perks and more orders. By the sound of it, lvl2 is not a shabby title to hold. :sunglasses:

The hagglers/bargain basement shoppers are like :roll_eyes:

Look at this pic and then decide lol



@jonrichards Thanks for honestly sharing the experience. Hope you will update this thread at a later stage too so that people can actually realize whether they should dream for TRS badge or not :slight_smile:
BTW your success manager ain’t guiding you how to tackle this situation?

Once I heard that a seller’s gig was removed by Fiverr when he raised the gig basic price. When he contacted the CS, they said it’s against Fiverr TOS to raise prices after your gigs are ranked good in the search. This seems to be a similar case. Raising prices after being promoted to TRS may also be Fiverr TOS violation. I’m not 100% sure about it. I will be thankful if anyone can kindly clarify it.

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Of course not…

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Thanks for the confirmation.

I do appreciate the faster clearance time, but notice no difference in order qty/overall earnings since becoming TRS. I did notice a BIG dropoff in tire kickers/generally unpleasant to work with buyers when I increased my rates however :grin:


My 2 cents:

when you get the TRS badge, you get a few perks that are definitely great to have.

But at the same time, the system does not send more work your way. The funnel remains the same.

In my opinion, it’s what you do with the badge that makes a difference in your bottom line:

-Do you start every negotiation from a position of power with prospects, and raise your prices just because you can?


-Do you raise your prices to reflect your worth, but at the same time strive to provide your clients with
an all-around upgraded service?

To quote Spiderman: “with great power…comes great responsibility.”

So in a nutshell: There’s always a drop in sales when you first get the badge, but what happens after that initial slump in sales, is entirely up to you.


Congratulation on TRS Badge :slight_smile:

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Personally speaking, yes. :slight_smile:


Thank you. It makes me look windswept and interesting. :wink:

I like the pic - I think me and the cat would look quite fetching in our tin foil hats! HEHE! :slight_smile:

I’m vaguely aware of success managers, but don’t have one. Apparently, I can add some more custom stuff to my gigs…I did read through all the blurb when I was told I was TRS, but I didn’t take it all in, to be honest.

My aim is to continue to provide a quality service and remain consistent. I’m also looking in to upgrading my studio, new microphone, etc. :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit! :ok_hand:t4:

I just noticed you’re from the :uk: lovely accent, if I may say so. :sunglasses:

Have a GREAT stress free week!

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