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My first week on Fiver

… and all the requests I got were :

  • a teenager trying to make me proofread an assignment for his French class for free
  • another seller offering to do copywriting for me in a TERRIBLE English

Is that all there is, seriously ?


You have to work a lot to receive your first orders. Try to answer Buyer Requests and make posts more interesting to buyers.
Complaining won`t do nothing.

To be frank, blog comments, SEO audits and SM gigs are things that are offered by many, many sellers who have high ratings and at the same cost or less than you. Why would a buyer choose you?
Your proofreading prices are ridiculously high for a new seller, and even high for a not so new seller. It takes a while to get orders, it takes getting reviews by doing more work for less money in the beginning.
Alternatively, stay as you are and you will continue getting nothing but spam…

Thanks for the compassion, mate, I’ll remember that getting spammed is a normal thing around here.

I’m not so much complaining about the not getting orders (which I know takes time) than I am about the spam. I thought it was a more professional environment than that and had no idea buyers could spam other buyers.

Well, it is. It’s an online freelance marketplace with virtually no barrier to entry that’s being touted as the new Aladdin’s cave to desperate people with no skills. You should be very suspicious of any busty blonde women in a timezone that looks suspiciously subcontinental, while claiming to be “United State life 100% good for writing you Contents”

Eoin is spot on. Just poke the spambos with a stick and follow his advice. Or continue not to complain about having no sales and the spam.

My top tip: become bitter and jaded. Save the optimism and happiness for more fruitful areas of life.

It’s an open market place with all kinds of people.

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It shouldn`t happen but if you post a lot of messages in a forum you will receive some spam.

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Be patient and be sure to post in social media, get as much traffic as possible.