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My first withdraw done from Fiverr

I opened an account on Fiverr a long time ago but due to some busy schedule I could not spend time on Fiverr. I have been giving full time here since 2021 and so far I have completed my first withdrawal. So I shared my feelings with you :wink:


Hi, dear nice to see you on getting your first withdrawal through Fiverr. Congratulations.

Can you please see my profile and suggest further improvements?

Because I am also too old here on Fiverr but unfortunately could not get a single order yet. But I continue to try.


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Thank you very much for wishing me
I will see your profile but I think you should too see my profile also, Because you can understand where your mistakes are.

Congrats man. Keep it up

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Congratulation. Carry on…

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Thank you @sharmeen_akhter

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Thank you so much @mehedi_shawon

Really it’s great moment for everyone, This feelings can’t described!

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@mehedihasanrock Great job…

**How much was that’s ** :nerd_face:

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Its really good news
Congratulations :star_struck:

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Congratulations! You proved once again that hard work must pay off
— All my best wishes to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@habib_rahman1 yes you are right brother. I can’t describe that felling’s

@sksaadipro I think It’s not important to count that number. It’s More important than how many skill we gather in myself.

Thank you comrade @kbd_shakil

@shohrab_hossan I really inspire again to see this line.
Thank you very much

Congratulation dear. Keep it up. :heart:

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Thanks Dear :heavy_heart_exclamation: @srshakil

@mehedihasanrock Welcome Bro!