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My First Worst experience in Fiverr ! Fiverr Should Display Seller's Review in Buyer's Profile


I recently Completed a job. It was a Horrible experience for me. we agreed 3 simple banners in $5 in 1 day(without source file). but after placing he gave me details of 1 banner. I asked so many times but he didn’t reply me but he was online that time. after 22 hours he gave me another banner details. I completed that one also. I send him to extend time request for 1 day.He accepted that one. But after this he said he have no details about 3rd one So he give me a image to resize For all social medias . After Some times he gave me 5 more images & logos for resizing. I said him It wasn’t our deal. Then he said “I will not give you 5 star if you not complete the works” OK . I do all that . guess what I have to recreate another 2 logo for him . And Its all in $5 ! And he also asked give him Source file for free :frowning: . I completed all those he want. Till now He didn’t accept my work. I will Give him 1 STAR review when He accept this job.

FIverr Should Display the Seller’s Review in the Buyer’s Profile. So we can Identify those kind of Buyers It will be very helpful for seller.
This is the Worst experience I have Ever in Fiverr.
Sorry For Grammatical Mistakes .


This is a main source of your problem.


He requested me to do this. I was free that time So I thought It’s Simple job So I can make this Quickly . But You are Right I shouldn’t agree with him in $5.


I initially thought you were just a beginner with no reviews, which is why such a thing happened. But you are not. So why do you work with a buyer who underprices your work so bad and has no clear instructions? Then you let yourself be intimidated due to reviews? As a Level 2 seller, you should know better than that.

Anyway, take it as a terrible mistake, learn from it, and move on.


Report him to customer support as this is big violation of rules here - treating to give low rating. :wink:


ok :slight_smile: I will do that


yes ! it was my mistake. I will never do this again.


HI @orponchy,

Report to CS but better option is Be patience be Polite.I hope he gives you 5 star rating after the hard work then be careful next time. I have already faced similar issue.



Thank you. I will do that


Blackmail and extortion is not acceptable on this platform––not to mention illegal. You need to report this Buyer for bad user behavior and abuse of the system (using ratings as a way to threaten you for additional work, etc.).

You need to put your foot down when you get unreasonable requests––don’t be afraid to tell a Buyer no or ask them to pay if they want more work than what was purchased. Make your revision policy clear. Personal taste is not acceptable to reject work either.

Screenshot the order and exchange to CS and they will look into the Buyer’s behavior. It’s very important to do this because it’s helping the community––if they’re treating you like this, they’ll treat others the same way.

I’m sorry this happened to you. At least you know now never to work with them again! :disappointed_relieved:


Thanx For your Suggestion.


Sorry for what happened to you, i would do 3 banners for $30 with 3 days delivery… don’t lose the dignity of work… Good luck next time :slight_smile:


This is a great idea! Or at least show the stars…Did Fiverr took it in concern?