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My fiver account has been temporary restricted

Hello Fiver Comunity.
So I woke up this morning and all my gigs were in the denied section. I was restricted to sending messages and it says Your account is currently restricted. You cannot send messages at this time. I never had a TOS violation warning or anything before.
I contacted customer support and this is what they say.
Kindly guide me if you can.

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Hi there…,

Nothing you can do beside waits for CS response.
Meanwhile, read this post.

Mostly New Seller didn’t realize what mistake they did.

Wish you luck.


Check very well it me be your system that have the error…

Just taking a pure shot in the dark, maybe you offered a service that is not allowed on Fiverr or you had copyright/restricted material on your gigs.

I could be totally off as you haven’t disclosed a lot of info either.