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My fiverr 3 month journey

Hello all fiverr legends,its samar29

I wanted to ask you how i am going on fiverr like its good or i need to do more let me know.

current state:
I joined fiverr in March
I got my first order in may
and till today
Level 1
Orders completed:30
This in in 2 months

is this good and yes let me know if i can open my age here or not.

Thanks for reading this and let me know what you think about it.


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You surely can open.

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i am small is there is any age limit on fiverr that above it only you can start doing work here ?

Yes, 13 or above can work.

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yes it is good keep it up good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks i will and hope you and everyone keeps grow

thank you dear

my age is 14 cool i can work

on 29 june i will become of 15 years
currently i am 14

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