My fiverr account and payoneer account hacked


I need help. My fiverr account and payoneer account was hacked or I am thinking it’s from fiverr. They wiped my money but left my details intact.

2 months ago, fiverr mistakenly credited me. And they disabled my withdrawal button. So I reported that my withdrawal button was disabled and my account was not balanced and I can’t withdraw. They refreshed my page and enabled my withdrawal button but the funds was still dere. So I was hopping they will remove it later, but they didn’t uptill now.

I just logged in to my account and also payoneer to find out that all my funds (about $4600) gone.

Please how can I get my funds back


If it’s account related you’re best talking to Fiverr customer support. Also did the funds go into your Payoneer account and then out? If so maybe also talk to Payoneer. If money has been stolen maybe police or someone?
You could also do a virus/malware check on your PC (eg. check for keyloggers etc).


Yes, the money was sent to payoneer and then withdrawn to another account. I have reported to both payoneer and fiverr, I am waiting for their response


You could still do virus/malware check of your PC just to be sure there’s no keyloggers etc. (eg. how they might have accessed your account?).


Ok, which software can i use for that ?


You could try the free version of AVG Antivirus (from the official site). It says it detects keyloggers but it probably won’t detect every one. There may be better programs for detecting them.


Ok, thanks. I have giving payoneer all they asked of me. Will I be able to get my funds back ?


Only Payoneer CS will be able to determine that. Also have you recently downloaded zip files from buyers/potential buyers?


None that I can remember


so sad news boss :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks, I just need my funds back


I’m glad you reported it. I always withdraw at around $300. I would never leave it at $4600, that’s just crazy. Good luck!


Fiver CS just replied and asked if I initiated the transfer, to which I said no and they said they will get back to me


This is account relataed issue/claim. Forum Can’t offer any help. Please contact Customer Support