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My Fiverr account deleted, I can't able to access my account

my Fiverr account deleted due to sell semrush login info. I can’t able to access my account now, what I do now? how can i back my previous account.? i was level 1 seller there.
please tell me what do now.

i try to create another a/c using same email but it says account already exist. i have only 1 email + 1 paypal . what i do now?

Contact Customer Support and ask them to remove the account. Ask for permission to open a new one. Your current account may be inactive, but it’s still technically open.

Support ticket sent many days ago, but still, I’m not got any response.
Here is my ticket no. 1572134, 1573681, 1582309, 1582315

please help me asap.

just send one ticket for customer support team, and customer support surely reply you. don’t send too many multiple tickets for same issue for customer support, its consider as a SPAM. thanks