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My fiverr account Disable due to id verification

When I am trying to contact fiverr team I am unable to contact him. and when I try to verify identity then this message appears what to do and how can I recover my account

We Couldn’t Verify Your ID On Fiverr

Sorry, we weren’t able to verify your identity after multiple attempts. Therefore, your account has been restricted. You are still able to complete your active orders but cannot place or receive new ones. Please note, you can only communicate with your buyers with whom you have an active order.

If you experienced any technical difficulties, please contact our Customer Support specialists.

To learn more about ID Verification, please visit our Help Center



You can contact CS at:

If that doesn’t work, you can send them an email at:

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Ticket system not work because it is block by trust and safety team
and my email is also blacklisted by fever please tell me what I do.

If the system blacklisted your e-mail and disable your account, I think it is due to violating Fiverr rules.

Did you gave your personal details to buyers or did you try to reach them outside of the Fiverr system?

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