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My fiverr account disable

How can i recover my fiverr account ?

Contact Customer Support

Most likely, you cannot.

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@soyabpatel1, if you choose to make a new account, make sure you contact Customer Support first and ask them for permission. If you don’t, your new account will probably get banned.


What about my fiverr balance of old account?

probably you will be able to have them in your new account by asking customer support. that money is your hard earned money so fiverr will never hold them.

@catwriter What do you think ? fiverr CS will allow people to open a new account when the previous one is banned ?

You’ll have to ask Customer Support about it. They usually let people withdraw their funds from disabled accounts after 90 days.

Sometimes they do allow it. However, after an account is banned, creating a new one without permission is basically asking for the new one to be banned, as well.

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I agree but i think everyone does it after getting banned… so what should a seller actually do

why it is disabled.??

Terms of services violation bro

Like I said: ask Customer Support for permission before opening a new account.

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I have experienced the same situation. Fiverr support team can better help because i disable my account, to reactivate my account i just contact the support team and they activate my account in just a moments. Hope you fell better.

Fiverr support team is the only to help you we can just suggest you.

I feel fine. What makes you think I don’t?

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Oh…! I think something wrong with me i just mentioned you instead other, who mentioned your about account recovering. Have a good day…God Bless you