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My fiverr account disabled [ARCHIVED]


I have been joined on fiverr as a seller 7 month ago. Last few days i couldn’t able to login my account, i have contact with fiverr support team they replied me there something violation fiverr TOS. So there i left $400 revenue on my fiverr disabled account.

I got a massage from fiverr customer support like “If there are no other complaints from your buyers that come in after the safety period of 45 days from today, whatever revenue that is legitimately yours (if any) will be available to you to withdraw after a verification process.”

My question after 45 days they really give me back my account and revenue?how?


Fiverr does not remove gigs just because they can. If they said your gigs were disabled because you violated their terms of service, then you can be certain that something you were doing violated their terms of service… and they were well within their rights to disable your gigs.

And yes, if CS told you to wait 45 days, then after 45 days, your funds will be available to withdraw as they have noted to you. Please be patient. There are consequences for breaking the TOS, and Fiverr appears to believe you have done just that.

In 45 days, if Fiverr has not contacted you to complete this matter, then contact them and ask them for an update. :slight_smile:

I see tthis before, i see it, i hate it, i read the TOS and its always the same kind of people, im sick of this x.x

My account has been disabled 40 days back. And I am unable to login to my account nor I can transfer my funds. What to do now? Fiverr Team has not responded me yet. Can anyone help me out?


You will just need to wait. Customer Support is not speedy but they’ll get to you if you don’t hassle them.


Fiverr had disabled my account too. I had 180 positive reviews and they have disable just because one of my competitor has complain about my job. It is not fair fiverr. At lest you should have given a warning before removing account. I have been working since two years. and i am very disappointed. There is no value of seller on fiverr.

You should have define your criteria that if you do these things then your account would be disabled. There is nothing no warring. They are the boss because they own fiverr, all seller are useless and just wasting time here. There is not rules on fiverr for taking any action against buyer or seller. Even they do not response to person who’s account they have disabled.

If these things will happen soon all sellers will leave to work on fiverr.


i don’t understand, your gigs are still active and you only joined this month so how come you already have 180 reviews? i see only 2 reviews on your profile…am i missing something here?


My account is also disabled today without any reason!I placed a ticket to customar care.My user name was- hasandipro


Hy dear,
MY Fiverr account has also been disabled, should I wait for 45 days?
After 45 days, what really My account will be restored??


They mean after 45 days you can withdraw your money.


Did you open a new account? If you did, I suspect that one of your Gigs might be removed.


Hy dear,
yes I opened account by change name and id? Does it effect on my last Fiverr account? which I want to restore desperately.




Hy dear,
yes I opened account by change name and id? Does it effect on my last Fiverr account? which I want to restore desperately.


But my recommendation to Fiverr management, before going to disable account of anyone, they should warn to him/her.
What you all guys think???


The warnings are contained in their Terms of Service. Which if you read, you would have seen that:
Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited.
And regarding your new Gig:
Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:
Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene.


My account also disabled today. I am very disappointed because I have earn Level 1 badge after hard struggle. Fiverr disable my account without any warning. And now Fiverr CC not reply my email.
Just ■■■■ off.


With that kind of attitude, you’re sure to go far!

Oh, wait.


walk? skip?
Did customer support at least give you a massage?


@softwaresx Since the OP in this thread is history and the recent bits are a mess, I think your suggestion to laff off the thread is a good one! Thread closed. The Ranting Pot has room for new posts as needed.


I also have this problem.