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My Fiverr account disabled permanently, but i don't do any bad thing

removed my account just because of my client’s hyper panic mode.
please help me :frowning:

i’ve 72 5 star comment and all of my clients happy with their orders.

my account cancellation reason was “your profile was flagged for purchasing or selling false services for the purpose of manipulting our rating system.”

i don’t manipulate anyone or anything, i just creating puppets :confused:

PLEASE HELP :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

update : 07 / 02 / 2019

i received this mail from CS

Jodi (Fiverr Customer Support)

Jul 1, 9:43 PM EDT

Hi Serdar,

Our system has identified purchasing activity from this account that is outside of the norm. Any purchases made to enhance seller’s ratings or to abuse the Fiverr platform typically results in a permanent suspension of the account.

Our Trust & Safety team has reviewed your account and permanently disabled it. Please refer to this link outlining our Terms of Service.

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification that your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you.

Jodi | Fiverr Customer Support
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips.
Try FREE Time Tracking and Task Management from AND CO.

And i replied it with this;

Hello again,

my account deleted 2 days ago.

I didn’t that wrong on purpose, i’m ready to explain everything to you.

But i always faced with talking bots or worst case, some your stuff acts like bots.

I know i couldn’t mess with fiverr and that’s not what i want.

( :

We earned quite good amount of money and made a lot of client happy. I was too busy with working for my clients and didn’t spare a time for checking ToS. That’s my main fault and problem, even in my school years. Like that great fellas in the history.

I spent 4 and a half year in here and saw a lot of changes here.

3 week ago i got my first warning because i requested removing a unfair review about an order from one of my clients . I did same thing in my first year in here and in that time it was worked.

But i got my lesson about it and i won’t ask that from anyone anymore.

3 Months ago i created a gig video with news theme (i was introduce my 2019 digital puppet creation in it) in 2 weeks and sell a lot of puppets. My first client ordered 12 puppets for his news channel related animation shorts on that gig’s first day. I sent him 12 custom offer for 12 puppet. Each time i sent 4 custom offer for 4 puppets.

He was too busy for completing delivered orders (he asked some minor tweaks and i made them in like 1 hour and re deliver them) for 3 days, that cause a level loss to me and i lost my level 1 badge :smiley:

I kindly complain to him about the topic and i wanted extra precision about timing for our future orders. He understood me. When i delivered his puppets, he always gave tip. Actually as an artist, getting tip from clients felts kind of awkward. I expected more different role on his project but it’s okay. I need money but i’m not here for just money.

I sell a premium Adobe Character Animator puppet (has +100 Photoshop layers) for $75. Usually my clients who bought this service, using my puppets for their short animations.

3 month ago Adobe released new version of Character Animator, which allows to triggered animations by Twitch donations. This created a new market. I prepared a collage video contained from Adobe’s introduction video of Adobe Character Animator’s. Unfortunately that video couldn’t passed the Fiverr team ( : It was in my paused gigs till my last day in fiverr.

If you are a professional, you should spend at least 2 week for preparing your gig. While i’m prepare my new gig in proper way, i’m also continued to worked on my clients projects. I even sent messages to my biggest opponent and tell him about this new opportunity and encouraged him to upgrade his own gig too.

The next day of that messaging session, my first Twitch streamer client came up and asked me more detailed puppet for his new Twitch channel. When i studied on his detailed description about his project and the abilities of the puppet that he needs i offered him $300 for his puppet. (it has +400 layers in it) We agreed on the conditions and i started work on his project.

I decided to activate my out of office mode next day. When i woke up, i saw a message from another Twitch Streamer, that he wanted high detailed level puppet for his Twich channel. He explained me the detail level that he needs for his puppet. I prepared an detailed offer for his project with my hand writing and send him. He approved it.

I had 2 Twitch Streamer client without a required gig. My first Twitch streamer client’s friend liked my puppet and he tells to his friend that he wanted to order a puppet for himself. I had 3 Twitch Streamer client in 3 days.

Because of i didn’t find the time for prepairing new “Advanced Adobe Character Animator Puppet” gig for my profile in the past, i asked from him to could we split the order as 4 x $75 payment. Because the final order is different than my regular services in my gig. Creating his puppet took my 16 days. While working on his project, i actived my out of office mode but for the first time it’s because of that i’m over-booked.

I didn’t find time for preparing new “Advanced Adobe Character Animator Puppet” gig for my profile. My 2nd Twitch Streamer client ordered a puppet that he can use it for several years. It has more than 700 layers, it could speak in; normal, happy, sad, angry, feared mood with full facial expressions (it has different eyebrow, eye, mouth “sets” for each mood) and tons of other futures.

I asked same splitting for his order too and he accepted it.

(7 x $75) + (1 x $50) = $575

I take work volume as a measurement for pricing;

if i charge $75 for my +100 layer puppets,

i could send 8 regular gig for more than 7 times detailed puppet.

But your system’s low learning AI thought that i’m trying to manipulate your system. I tried to explain that to your CS team, it looks like they are too busy for doing their job properly. Replys of my mails was template messages.

After that long story, will you at least allow me to doing my job in your way with new account, fiverr?



Thanks for your support and precious times that you spent on this topic Sellers ( :
I wrote 5000 letter story in English and it’s not my crib language.
Because i care my business, i care my career.

I hope they will let me open a new account.

Best Regards, Maximum Love & Respect Fellas…

till next time


and i didn’t log in past 6 hours

but i checked that from my friends account and it says that i was online.


Last seen10m ago Local timeJul 01, 9:13 AM

I can’t say what exactly happened. Did you sell reviews? How could they delete a 72 reviews profile. Maybe you tried to sell something else too?

no usually i sell digital puppets for Adobe Character Animator and 2d Animations

never sell a dream or doing any fraud.

:confused: $300 was in that account and $600 was on the way.

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Do you have a warning, can you login back?

You can still see a cached version of your profile. I don’t think there is anything bad. I think it might be a mistake?

that’s google database page, thanks for sharing this mate.

Did you say something that Fiverr may not like while chatting with someone? For example, Paypal, Gmail, email, star, and review are words that Fiverr will scan and can ban you for saying them.

I recommend you contact CS (Customer Support) and explain them everything; Be fair and prove that there really was no reason, for example add more details to make them believe. Use this link, if you can’t find it by yourself:

he ordered high detailed CH puppet,
hes my second detailed puppet client, the first one “is” pretty happy with his $300 puppet.
and second client ordered %60 more detailed than the first one’s puppet.

i told him what i gave to my first “High Detailed Puppet client” for $300
and he couldn’t understand what he gonna get,
and 2 night ago he sent mutual cancellation for his $575 puppet order, we was in the middle of 26 day delivery. We started to negotiation and we fixed the misunderstandings.

i sent him 3 different character design and he pick 1 of them and let me continue on project.

this night he wrote long mail and try to find a spot for canceling order, and i explained simply what’s the difference between my first client’s puppet and his puppet. and tell him that i will explain more detailed in the morning (it was 2 am monday).

and when i woke up i saw that mail from fiverr.


i couldn’t log in how i could contact with customer support? :sob:

It looks horrifying to me.

I don’t understand Fiverr at all. And I really hate when they don’t even want to help. Everyone does mistakes, including me. But they didn’t delete my profile stright away. Also you had some work going on there, you had a ballance.


Can you still see this:

Afternoon @serdarsahin, see you must have a bad day, sorry to hear this. Wish I was a wizard and I could get your account back with some spells, but I’m not! :joy:

However, you’ve must have done something unusual/illegal for Fiverr to have taken away you’re account. Fiverr gives you 3 warnings before deleting an account. So you must’ve violated their ToS 3 times.

Why haven’t you apply this on your first warning??? I don’t think you’re completely honest with us what really happen? Never the less, there’s no much we can do here, you need to take this with CS and hopefully, they will give access to your account once more. Best of luck!!

Kindly Humberto

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What kind of puppets? Hand puppets?

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You can see them here:

(Cached google result)

I don’t see anything illegal.

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I’m sorry to say, but we can do nothing here. Fiverr is the only one who can help you if they decide to.

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Hello Humberto,

i can share all the messaging between me and my client. i don’t hide anything trust me.
And for tos violation it was my 2nd. I only got that with my removing review request for a client.
Actually it was legal thing in fiverr last time i used like in 2017 and i never need that till my first warning.

I’m totally honest in all aspects of my life.


i know but i can’t communicate with Fiverr
how i can?