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My Fiverr Account Fail to Login on My Mobile Phone

Hello, i want someone with high level of knowledge about Fiverr to please explain to me what can be done to my Fiverr Account that fails to login on my mobile phone. I have tried several means to get it login on but to no avail and it really p****** me off.
Please, i need someone to come to my aide urgently.
Thank you.

It is too bad this is making you angry. The forum is not a substitute for urgent Customer Support aid. Please submit a ticket to Customer Support.

Are you on the Android App? This happens to me as well when I’m on mobile data…but seems to function pretty well if I’m on wi-fi. I don’t really understand why it happens either.

Sometime this happens. Solution is so simple, restart your mobile and then login again. This happened to me many times but I did the above and got resolved.