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My Fiverr Account Flagged

Hi everyone,
Today I received the message from Fiverr that my account flagged. It says that I share my personal contact information with my customers.
I didn’t share any personal information with my customers.

  • Sometimes I use Zoom screen sharing App to make an online meeting for better understanding the customer request. And it helps me to increase my sells. (Zoom generate 1-time meeting link)
  • My customers ask portfolio from me. I send them my portfolio website which doesn’t contain any contact information. When customers click Contact it redirects to my Fiverr profile.
    I don’t think that I break TOS.

Pls help me.


You can contact with CS.

I contacted them but they didn’t answered to me yet. What do you think did I break TOS?

Contact outside of Fiverr isn’t allowed.


No exact way of knowing until you can get in touch with Fiverr support team, but assuming your circumstance have you not gotten a warning beforehand?


Contact outside Fiverr isn’t allowed, and there is only a limited list of portfolio platforms you are allowed to use to share anything with clients. It’s all in the TOS.