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My fiverr account/ Gig is not under editorial focus. How can I improve my Gig?

Hello Everyone,
I am very new to Fiverr. When I made my first Gig I found that it is not showing in search. When I contact to Customer Support they say me that my Gig is not in their Editorial Focus. After I want clarification they deny it repeatedly. Then I searched in this Forum and found that many faces the same problem and it is said that if my Gig violets some 3rd party rule then it may happen. They also says that if I change some words in my Gig it may fix.
So, I have two questions according to this.
First, How there are so many Gigs in same topic and of same or close description and they are trending and also find in search and why not mine??
Secondly, Can anyone please suggest me how I am improve my Gig and what changes I can made to list it in search??
As you know, being a new comer it is very very important to me to be in search, isn’t it??
So, please someone help me to solve the problem. I am attaching my Gig link below.

My Gig link.