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My fiverr account got hacked and i lost my money, there's even more worse!

Dear all sellers. I just lost $106 i worked so hard for this whole month. I checked my account this morning and it said that i did withdraw my revenue. I checked my account settings and it said there’s a paypal account associated with it! The worst? not yet! i can’t find a way to remove this bastard’s paypal account from my fiverr account! i click “change” and fiverr asked me security question and then it sent email to THAT THIEF PAYPAL EMAIL ACCOUNT??? why not send it to my account email? what a silly security system it is! now i just need to wait until my next revenue being withdrawn again?

Did you file a report with customer support? No one here can help you; we’re members, just like you.

I did. I explained to them how my revenue disappeared and that i haven’t set any paypal account yet and asking them about security issue. The reply i got after that asking me to send them my ID scan along with the paypal transaction ID and paypal email address that’s related to the first transaction of my account! You see, even in the beginning i told them that my money was stolen and i have not set any paypal account yet! This reply is absolutely canned and i doubt if there’s even anyone in the customer support which does care and support us the sellers on fiverr.

I know we are all members in this forum and i just want to share my experience and also to warn all sellers here about the danger and that we can’t really rely on the fiverr customer support. My advice is, never ever think to make this as the only place to earn for living. It’s absolutely not save here.

Case closed. The customer ‘support’ refused to help me unless i can send them the paypal transaction ID and paypal email address that’s related to the first transaction --which FOR SURE BELONGS TO THE THIEF and of course LOGICALLY i can’t provide it! what a “Customer Support” i got :/.

To all sellers here, just be careful with your accounts. I hope nobody will have to have same bad day like i had. I just want to share this. If you think that i’m lying, here i show you the screenshot of my email conversation with the “Customer Support”. I didn’t blame them for the lost of my money. I just asked them to reset or change the paypal account associated with my fiverr account. Without that, my account is dead.

Finally, I think i should pull my words back. The customer support really do something to change the paypal account with mine. Many thanks to them :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: My account finally has my paypal associated with it. The support said that they have communicated it with paypal but there’s no guarantee that paypal can send it back to fiverr as the fund could have been transferred to a bank account. I can just see this as a lesson to be more aware of this kind of stuff so in the future we can avoid the same thing from happening again. It would be great if somebody writes about how to use fiverr safely :slight_smile:

sepertinya saya juga kena heck! really really bad day :frowning:

I have experienced the same exact thing. I never even set up a paypal account with my fiverr or a fiverr card. $480 withdrawn and no answers. My settings claim there is a paypal account associated with my account, but not one I set up.

Reply to @tutung: How do you send a transaction ID when the transaction has not happened in your paypal account?

This happens all the time. And when it does happen, many members are not even aware of what happen because the crooks who pull this scam are really good at it.

Please put your thinking hat on. Here goes.

  1. Do you recall clicking a link that was sent to your message box.

  2. After you clicked the link, it looked like you had to sign in to Fiverr again.

    The number 2 part is where the crooks get your Fivierr login details. You think you are logging in to your fiverr account but what you are actually doing is providing your login details to the crooks.

    Once they get it, they login to your account and drain your money to their paypal account.

@steveeyes i got such message many time. but like fiverr promotion , fiverr bonus and all they make same website like fiverr by look … when you enter all the detail they redirect you to original fiverr that are still login.

when i got such message i tried and fill all wrong info and i got redirect to original even i filled wrong info. be aware no one increase your sell just work hard here. you will get more sell. many people want to thief your revenue. so always be safe this is tip for all sellers.

As I put in another post before. look at the link. if it isn’t DON’T go to it… examples below.

Reply to @richhegarty63: my oh my this is really getting scary… i suggest you try making small withdrawals from time to time instead of waiting for your account to have hundreds of $$$, sorry for your loss.

Reply to @inspiredtony: Absolutely correct. I viewed it as money I wasn’t going to touch and then withdraw when I needed it. It has made me weary of fiverr security.

Yup, I reinvestigated and the URL had .co after the .com. they wanted me to view their profile to voice their script. But I don’t recall logging back in. Even so, they would need my security question answer to withdraw…very confusing.

The fiverr user was adrianna90. Stay away from that user name.

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Same thing happened with me!

am really sorry about this situation.