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My Fiverr account got hacked yesterday no help from support

The hacker accepted all my pending jobs, and used his own security questions to prevent me from changing my password. I have tried to contact support since yesterday with no help. What can I do now?

Well, I clicked your name and it says “I’m currently not available for orders.” So it looks like Fiverr is already helping you.

If you mind me asking, how was it hacked?. Did you click on any suspicious link and gave away your password?

@jaydee2: If you contacted Customer Support, it can take 24-48 hours to receive a response to your ticket. If you didn’t receive a ticket number, try contacting Support again at

Reply to @fastcopywriter: If he got his profile hacked, he couldn’t possibly be posting this from the same profile.

Hi There,

My other acoount ishacked by some Morocco person.

And also my balance amount is also order placed by him.

second account innit. Or someone lying as a devious method to get profile reviews and orders.

It does sound like it.

How are you posting this then, second account? LOL

Talk to Customer Support, they may be able to help you.

Another old thread from April 2015.