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My fiverr account got suspended

Hi community, I’m down right now and i pretty don’t know what to do and where to start as my account has just been suspended on my Birhtday for violation i didn’t commit.

I woke up on this blissful Thursday to see my account has been suspended for feedback manipulation. Honestly speaking , i couldn’t record if i ever asked a client for positive feedback, nor ask them to edit their feedback.

How could i get by account back up and running again?

All of us on the Forum are sellers and buyers. We do not have the power to ask Fiverr to reconsider your case. :slightly_frowning_face:

In addition, this is your third time breaking TOS. :scream:

What did you do the first two times? :thinking:

Didn’t you learn anything from those two warnings? We on the Forum keep advising new sellers to read and follow TOS. Nonetheless, those sellers keep showing up here when they are in trouble and like you, they want us to “fix” things for them when we can’t. :roll_eyes:


Did you ask buyers to leave a positive reviews by message?

no, i din’t , if i had did so i would be so surprise why my account got suspended, would have moved on.

I didn’t ask any buyer for positive feedback.

Yes, i know we are all sellers and buyer, i want my voice to be heard by fiverr, i want them to reconsider .

My first warning was that i delivered on time. fiverr said incomplete delivery. second was a buyer who reported me ( i don’t know why i got the second warning).

What did the buyer report you for?

Did you ask a buyer to change a review?

The message says Trust and Safety is looking into your case so maybe everything will work out.

I don’t really know what the buyer said to customer support,

No , i have never asked for buyer to change review while i know it’s impossible to change review.

I hope the hear my voice, actually i’m ranking first position in my category and keywords as i sell high ticket gig.

this is what i said to the client that made fiverr restricted my account. have i really wronged or violate with this?

you can contact support

Yes, what you have done here is wrong.

You say in your first line that “you approve our delivery without a comment”. In other words, the buyer has accepted your delivery, and not left any feedback. This happens. This happens to about 30% of our orders, and you just have to accept it. Some people don’t like leaving feedback, but it’s their choice, feedback is always optional. What you should have done is carried on looking for new work and completing any other orders you have. Instead, you’ve hassled your buyer about leaving a review, and the buyer has complained, which they’re well within their right to do.

Your messages are pushy, especially seeing that you send one right after another. What if your buyer is busy, and they’re getting notifications on their phone from Fiverr. You open them up, and it’s a seller you dealt with asking you multiple times to leave them a review.

No, you didn’t specifically ask for a 5-star, or a positive review… But honestly, with 2 TOS warnings already, you really shouldn’t do anything that puts your account at risk at all. You can of course ask Fiverr to re-think, but from here, it doesn’t look good.


:arrow_up: definitely passive-aggressive.

I think this :arrow_up: is the reason why you got your last and third warning.

Unfortunately, even asking your buyer to “update you about the progress” or to give their feedback on “whether they liked your product/service” once the order has been delivered is seen as “feedback manipulation” by Fiverr. This case right here proves this point!

You don’t necessarily have to ask your buyer for a positive review for you to get banned. Even asking for “a comment,” “a feedback,” “an update” after you have delivered the order can get you a ToS warning. :crying_cat_face:

I find it very scary when something like this happens because if I don’t know what triggered a warning, how am I then to take action/steps in the future to stop that from happening again? If I need to act on something and stop it from happening again, I NEED to know what caused it in the first place. Do not just let it go. Not finding out the exact reason and just moving on is never a good idea (just advice for the future).

I am sorry this happened to you, OP. :crying_cat_face: Hope this serves as a reality check for the other sellers out there who are blissfully unaware that they might get banned for merely asking for an update/comment/feedback from their buyer after delivering their product/service (even without asking them for a specific review or a positive review).