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My Fiverr account hacked someone,


Hi Great Day,

Before 4 days someone hacked my mail and fiverr account,i already informed that issue fiverr cs but still fiverr corresponding team is reviewing issue,i have all evidence for proof this is my account,but at this time hacker is using my account,account active right now,but my account country changed into hacker country,First time hacker hacked my yahoo mail,then yahoo support team recover my yahoo mail again then i changed yahoo mail into gmail,again he hacked my gmail,but gmail didn’t recover my account yet,therefore i can’t reset account password,

i think hacker hacked my pc,because he already changed my account password,

Please i need to someone advice for recover my fiverr account,please help me


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum. You need to wait for the answer from Customer Support as nobody on the forum can help you.


Ok thanks,i’m facing big issue because account have lot of available money,my heart is skipping beats constantly


In this case, you should probably download a live linux distro, run it from a USB stick, and change all your account passwords. Do not then login to your email or anything again until you have secured your main OS. If you don’t do this, you will just end up running round in circles.

It can also be a good idea to leave an email account unsecure, before uploading a virus as an attachment to a draft email titled something like BITCOIN ACCOUNT PASSWORD - DO NOT FORGET. If, that is, you are one for revenge. :slight_smile:


Oh my god…Now still he have my pc data?


You could at least run a virus scan on your PC to help check if there’s something on your PC giving the hacker access to it.


which scan tool are you recommend?


1st you need to ensure that you have full control of your PC & mail account, otherwise it will be NO help.


yes,one time he shut down my computer,at this time i’m was working in my pc


You could use any of the main virus checkers. AVG has a free one. You could try doing a full scan when disconnected from the internet.


I agree with what you say. He should run a thorough anti-virus scan. However, I think he needs to do one other thing before he runs a virus scan. As suggested by @wp_kid, he should first ensure that the hacker doesn’t have access to his PC/email anymore. Otherwise, the hacker can simply stop the anti-virus scan whenever they want and shut down the PC whenever they want.

I’d suggest the following articles:

  1. Secure your PC & mail.
  2. Contact Customer Support
    forum members can’t offer any further help.